The Syn Calculator

This is a calculator tool that helps users find the syn value of food items. The new and improved calculator allows users to enter a calorie number and weight to determine the syn value and syn per gram value of the food. The tool is designed to assist users in identifying foods with a lower syn value per weight, which may help them get more food for their syn allowance. It’s free to use, however its main focus are unhealthy foods, with no indication of nutritional value. Users should use this tool in conjunction with other sources of information, such as the rest of the website, to gain a more comprehensive understanding of specific food items such as biscuits, chocolates, condiments and crisps.

But, before you get the to the calculator…

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The Simple Syns Syn Calculator

Calorie information will be on the food label, make sure to look at the weight or portion example on the label

Enter the weight of the food or drink in grams or millilitres, for 4g teaspoons put “4”, for 15g tablespoons put “15”, for a 250g/ml cup put “250” etc. If you don’t know the weight put 0.

Struggling with weights and volumes? Consider investing in measuring cups and spoons. They will come in handy for managing syn allowance.

This field helps make sure we have up to date information – please be as specific as possible

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Why are there no official syn calculators?

Mainstream slimming plans often rely on certain principles and ratios to determine the calorie content of food, and assign a corresponding value to that food. One such value is often referred to as “syn”, which stands for “score your nutrition“, which means in high calorie food and should be limited. These plans provide its members with a list of foods that have been assigned a certain number of syns, and members are encouraged to aim for a certain daily syn allowance as part of their weight-loss plan.

Mainstream diet plans also want to use syns as a tool but do not want to draw too much attention towards syns as a whole. Too much focus on unhealthy foods they can have as a treat is going to encourage people to use them all up. It is a flawed system.

It may be unlikely for the creators of these mainstream slimming plans to create an official syn calculator for several reasons. First, there’s a large number of food items and their variations, and it would be challenging to create an accurate calculator that accounts for all of them. Additionally, the creators of these plans may not want to make it too easy for their members to calculate syns, as it could encourage them to consume more high-calorie foods than is recommended for weight loss. By not providing an official calculator, the plan’s creators can encourage members to use their resources (books, classes, online materials) to determine the syn values of foods, which can foster a greater understanding of the program and increase adherence. Another reason could be that the official foods lists, books, etc. often carry advertisement or commercial purpose which the creators want to encourage members to acquire.