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Welcome to SimpleSyns, a website designed to provide comparative nutritional information using a simplified unit we refer to as “syns”. Please read the following legal notice carefully.

  1. Trademark Acknowledgment: The term “syn” and its plural “syns” are registered trademarks owned by Miles-Bramwell Executive Services Limited, trading as Slimming World. Our use of these terms is for comparative and informational purposes only, and not intended as a claim of endorsement or affiliation with Slimming World. All rights pertaining to these terms belong solely to the registered owner.
  2. Purpose of SimpleSyns: SimpleSyns is a resource providing a comparative measure of nutritional values across various food items, calculated on a basis of 20 calories per “syn”. Our use of the term “syn” does not bear any official designation or connection to Slimming World’s Syns system, even when designated by Slimming World as something clearly not 20 calories per 1 syn we will continue to use the same formula as only Slimming World can officially designate a syn value.
  3. Data Source: The caloric and nutritional information presented on our website is derived directly from food manufacturers or official suppliers. The subsequent interpretation, comparison, and formulas are created by our team at SimpleSyns.
  4. No Weight Loss or Nutritional Advice: SimpleSyns does not provide weight loss or nutritional advice. We offer comparative data interpretation to help users understand the caloric content of different food items.
  5. No Endorsement: Our use of the term “syns” is not endorsed by, associated with, or representative of Slimming World’s official Syns system. Any interpretations, conclusions, or recommendations made on SimpleSyns are those of our team and not Slimming World.

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SimpleSyns is committed to helping our users make informed decisions about their food choices. We encourage you to consult with a certified nutritionist or health care professional for any dietary or weight loss advice.

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