Crisps Syn Values

Here you’ll find a complete table of 32 of the most popular crisps in the UK and their syn values along with more more rich information than that to help you find the BEST crisps to spend your hard earned syns on.

Crisps, along with biscuits and chocolate bars are among the most popular snacks to have at any time but like most foods in life not all are equal.

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But, how is this table meant to be used?

Crisps Syn Value Table

This table has the following values: Syns, Weight, Calories, Syns per gram, SynScore and SynRank. Here’s what they mean:

  • Syns – How many syns are in a bag of the given weight of that brand of crisps
  • Weight – How much the weight of the bag was we used to calculate it. Crisps come in several different bag sizes – we have picked the ones which are most commonly found in loose bags such as in meal deals.
  • Calories – How many calories are in that bag
  • Syns per gram – How many syns per gram of weight are in that bag of crisps. Syns per gram will always be the same no matter what size of bag you have and a good indication of ‘syn efficiency.
  • SynScore – When all brands of crisps’ syns per gram are standardised, this is the resulting syn score which shows who much better or worse than the ‘best’ low syn crisp.
  • SynRank – The rank of the brand of crisps in terms of their syn score. Essentially, where do they rank among their peers in simple terms.
NameSyns (each)Weight (g)CaloriesSyns per GramSynScoreSynRank
Yushoi Pea Crisps4.521900.2111%2
Walkers Baked8.237.51640.226.34%2
Walkers Pops5.1231010.227.65%3
French Fries4.721930.2210.34%5
Scampi Fries6.4271270.2430.80%7
Hummus Chips10.9452170.2438.85%9
Monster Munch9.9401970.2546.29%11
Burton's Fish 'n' Chips9.9401970.2546.29%11
Space Raiders6.2251240.2548.83%14
Hoola Hoops8.5341700.2551.72%16
Pom Bears4.819960.2555.54%17
Transform A Snack7.6301520.2556.07%18
Walkers MAX12.7502540.2557.52%20
Walkers Classic8.532.51690.2666.21%23
Golden Wonder8.832.51750.2779.58%28
Eat Real Quinoa Chips8.3301650.2887.93%31
Nik Naks12.8452550.28100.00%32

What are the lowest syn crisps?

5 Low Syn Crisps by bag

The crisps with the lowest syns by bag are Yushoi Pea (4.5), French Fries (4.7), Pom Bears (4.8), Walkers Pops (5.1) and Space Raiders (6.2).

Important to note here, lowest syn by bag just means how much you’ll spend there and then – it does not give an indication of how efficient or calorie dense they are, instead look at the syns per gram and the syn score to find that out. Crisps come in different bag sizes which usually means the smaller the bag the less syns they are worth!

5 low syns per gram crisps

The 5 crisp brands with the lowest syns per gram are Yushoi Pea (0.21), Walkers Baked (0.22), Walkers Pops (0.22), Squares (0.22) and French Fries (0.22). Syns per gram is an indication of which crisps have less calories per gram of weight, it doesn’t mean which is healthier but it tells you which ones will give you more FOOD per bite.