Chocolate Bars Syn Values

Chocolate bars are among the UK’s favourite snacks which can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time. They’re available in all coronershops and most supermarkets as individual bars and in multi packs.

If you’re counting your syns and on a budget but really fancy a chocolate bar you might be wanting to make sure you get the one that you like and one that won’t make you go over your target.

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Here at Simple Syns we have compiled a list of the most popular (and some less so) chocolate bars and gathered their syn values for you to get what you’re looking for quickly and easily. We’ve also created an individual article for every chocolate bar should you want to know a little bit more about each one.

Chocolate Bar Syn Value Table

Here is the complete table of every chocolate bar and their syn value. We’ve also added some extra information on this because no two bars are the same even if they appear so. The table is automatically ranked by the chocolate bars SynScore.

Here’s how the table works.

  • Name: The name of the chocolate bar
  • Syns: How many syns are in the individual chocolate bar named. This is calculated according to 20 calories = 1 syn. Decimal points are included as you can use them in your syn plan.
  • Weight: The weight of the chocolate bar we’ve used in the calculation. This is typically the standard size of this brand. When looking at the table make sure to check the weight of the bar you’re about to eat to make sure they match!
  • Calories: How many calories are in the bar. Data provided directly from the manufacturer and is accurate at time of publication.
  • Syns per gram: The metric we think is the most important here at SimpleSyns. The syns per gram is the amount of syns divided by the weight of the chocolate bar. This helps you understand how much chocolate bar you will get from the syns you spend. Typically, the lowest the number of syns per gram the less sugar and carbs are in it.
  • SynScore – Exclusive to SimpleSyns, is the SynScore. This is a normalised number out of 100 when comparing the syns per gram with each other. The higher the score, the better.
NameSyns (each)Weight (g)CaloriesSyns per GramSynScore
Tunnocks's Caramel Wafer6.7301340.22100%
Mars Bar11.4512280.2297%
Curly Wurly4.921.5970.2394%
Double Decker12.554.52500.2390%
Wispa Gold9.638.31920.2571%
KitKat Chunky10.2402030.2565%
Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut12.5492490.2561%
Toffee Crisp9.9381980.2648%
Galaxy Ripple8.7331740.2642%
Dairy Milk12.0452400.2729%
Milky Bar6.8251360.2716%
Kinder Bueno12.2432440.286%
Ferrero Rocher3.612.5720.293%

Chocolate Bar Syn Value Insights

What are the lowest syn chocolate bars?

The chocolates with the lowest syn values are an individual Ferrero Rocher (3.6), a Curly Curly (4.9), and a Kinder Bueno (6.1), due in most part to their low weight. The chocs with the lowest syn per gram and perhaps the best choice for efficient spending of syns are Tunnock’s Caramel Bars (0.22), Mars (0.22) and a Curly Curly(0.23). This is possible because of a lower amount of chocolate in favour of biscuit/caramel.

What are the highest syn chocolate bar?

The worst offenders for highest syns per individual bars are Toblerone (26.4), Bounty (13.9) and Double Decker (12.5). The chocs with the highest syns per gram are Lindor (3 balls) (0.31), Ferrero Rocher (0.29) and a Kinder Bueno (0.28).

As you can see, Kinder Bueno appears in both lists – it is low in syns for each bar but its syns per gram is the worst – this means that it is packed tight with calories but it doesn’t weigh as heavy as other bars.