Biscuits Syn Values

Here is a table of the most common biscuits sold in the UK. You can click on any of the links to find more detailed information about the syns for that biscuit.

Biscuits are on of the most common uses of syns as it is a light and quick snack which can be consumed with a brew, on the go and in yours and your kids lunchboxes. But, biscuits do come at a cost as they contain sugar, common carbs and in some cases toppings such as chocolate.


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When you are giving yourself a syn limit you want the best bang for your buck so we’ve created a table which shows you the all important stats at a glance.

Biscuit Syn Value Chart

How to use this table:

Type: This is the name of the biscuit

Single Syn: How many syns per individual biscuit of that type

Calories: How many calories per individual biscuit

Single weight: How much does a single biscuit weigh in grams

Syns per g: Perhaps the most important metric – this means how many syns per gram of weight for thsat biscuit. The lowest means it has more biscuit in raw weight per syn or to put it another way “how much bang for your buck”.

TypeSingle SynCaloriesSingle Weight (g)Syns per g
Viennese Whirl8.15163280.29
Chocolate Finger1.55315.350.28
Pink Wafer2.05417.70.26
Crunch Cream3.978150.26
Blue Riband4.692180.25
Chocolate Digestive4.2585170.25
Chocolate Hobnob4.659318.80.24
Lotus Biscoff1.9387.750.24
Malted Milk2.154390.23
Oat Hobnob3.67215.20.23
Jammie Dodger4.2585180.23
Fruit Shortcake1.9388.10.23
Custard Cream2.955912.70.23
Ginger Nut2.7555120.22
Rich Tea1.9388.30.22
Belvita Breakfast2.454911.250.21
Party Ring1.252560.20
Special K Biscuit Moment4.998250.19
Jaffa Cake2.34612.20.18


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Biscuit Syn Value Insights

What is the lowest syn biscuits?

The biscuits with the lowest syn values when eaten individually are the Party Ring (1.3), Chocolate Finger (1.6) and the Rich Tea (1.9). However, the biscuits with the least syns per gram of weight are the Plain Digestive (0.17), Jaffa Cake (0.19) and the Special K Biscuit Moment (0.20).

The lowest syn biscuits aren’t always the best as it can mean they are just the smallest. Our metric of syns to grams is a better metric to go for as you can get MORE biscuit for your syns.

What are the highest syn biscuits?

The biscuits with the most amount of syns are the Viennese Whirl (8.2), Penguin (6.5) and Club (5.8). The biscuits with the highest syn per gram are Viennese Whirl (0.29), Chocolate Finger (0.29) and Pink Wafer (0.27).

These should be avoided if you want to stretch the syns as much as possible.