How Many Syns in Eat Real Hummus Chips

Eat Real is a brand that makes a lot of gluten free and vegan snacks, based in Leicester which is known as the crisps capital of the UK with Walkers also based there. Their Hummus chips are made with baked chickpeas and potato starch to make a crisps unlike what you’re used to but taste just as good without so much of the fat which comes from the oils and potatoes or corn. Hummus chips are one of my favourites as they’re fairly healthy but don’t leave you feeling a little starchy full afterwards.

They’re found in most supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Tesco and in various bag sizes – 45g and even 135g. We’re going to cover them all as well as the different flavours (there’s usually no difference).

But, considering they are vegan, gluten free and kosher does that translate into a low syn crisp? Let’s find out.

Eat Real Hummus Chips Syn Values

  • A 45g bag of Hummus Chips contains 208.35 calories. This means a 45g bag of Hummus Chips is worth 10.4 syns.

This syn value is similar to Kettle, Pringles and Tyrrell’s. All of which have larger bags as opposed to just outright being high in calories.

  • A 135g big bag of Hummus Chips contains 456 calories. This means that the 135g bag of Hummus Chips is worth 22.8 syns.

This isn’t comparable because most of its competitors don’t make bags as big as this.

There is very little difference between the sea salt and the Tomato and Basil flavours.

To make sense of this its important look at the syns per gram of weight value and then compare it to other crisps. We’ve done that and you can find the results if you read on…

crisps syn values

Are Eat Real Hummus Chips worth the syns?

Eat Real Hummus chips are made with chickpeas instead of your usual potato or corn – this mean that they are higher in protein and lower in fat and carbs, this makes them better than most crisps nutritionally straight away even if the calories were the same.

Secondly, their syns per gram is 0.23, which gives them a SynScore of 33% and a SynRank of 7th out of 32. This is an excellent score and a very high rank. 0.23 is similar to Frazzles, Squares and Scampi Fries. They may not sound the healthiest but they are surprisingly low in calories per gram of weight.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that vegan and gluten free options are few and far between so if you’re tracking syns then you don’t have much of a choice if crisps are your desire.

Eat Real Hummus Chips Nutrition and Ingredients

eat real hummus chips nutrition

Chickpea Flour (25%), Potato Starch, Rice Flour, Rapeseed Oil, Tomato & Basil Flavour Seasoning [Rice Flour, Dextrose, Sugar, Tomato Powder, Yeast Extract Powder, Onion Powder, Salt, Herbs (Basil, Parsley), Garlic Powder, Acid (Citric Acid), Natural Flavouring, Cayenne Pepper, Colour (Paprika Extract)], Maize Flour, Potassium Chloride, Salt.

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