How many syns in a Jammie Dodger?

Ever been to a kids party and not seen a Jammie Dodger? Us neither. They are a classic biscuit with an endearing design that millions of people enjoy every week. But, just how much can you actually enjoy with Slimming World and how many can you have before going over? Read on…

Jammie Dodger Syns

A single Jammie Dodger is 4.25 syns which is nothing remarkable in the biscuit world despite the inclusion of sugary jam. They weigh 18 grams each which means they are 0.24 syns per gram – about average. Jammie Dodger is a trademark but you can get closely designed knock offs which will still be around the same syns.

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How many syns in a pack of Jammie Dodgers?

Jammie Dodgers are big and crumbly so the packs don’t contain loads. A pack usually contains around 7 dodgers which added up are 29.75 syns. Not a huge amount due to the low number.

Are Jammie Dodgers worth the syns?

If you love a dodger and you’ve got syns to burn then they are. But if you’re looking for something that has some nutritional value then these aren’t it. However, they are vegan! Jammie Dodgers have a high amount of fat, carbs and sugars as you’d expect from any confectionary.

Still, considering they have some added flavour over biscuits such as digestives they do have an edge.

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