How many syns are on the Burger King menu

Burger King, a fast food chain known for its flame-grilled burgers and signature Whopper sandwich, has become a popular choice for those seeking a quick and satisfying meal. With its wide range of menu options, from classic burgers to chicken sandwiches and delicious sides, Burger King offers something for everyone.

At Burger King, the focus is on quality ingredients, bold flavors, and the unique grilling technique that imparts a distinct taste to their burgers. The flame-grilling process gives their burgers a smoky, charred flavor that sets them apart from other fast food chains. Alongside their flame-grilled offerings, Burger King also provides a variety of sides, including crispy fries, onion rings, and refreshing beverages.

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In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Burger King, exploring their menu, popular choices, and the syn values of some of their iconic items. Whether you’re a fan of the classic Whopper or curious about their chicken options, join us as we uncover the delicious offerings and syn information to help you make informed choices while enjoying a meal at Burger King.

How many syns are in Burger King’s flame-grilled beef burgers?

How many syns are in Burger King's flame-grilled beef burgers?

Burger King’s flame-grilled beef burgers are the flagship products that have captured the hearts and taste buds of burger enthusiasts worldwide. With their juicy, flame-grilled patties and a range of delicious toppings, these burgers offer a satisfying and indulgent experience. But what about their syn values? Are these flame-grilled delights on the higher end of the syn spectrum?

To provide you with a comprehensive view, we have compiled a table showcasing the syn values per burger across the board for Burger King’s flame-grilled beef burgers. From the iconic Whopper to the mouthwatering Bacon Double Cheese XL, this table will reveal the syn values you need to know to make informed choices when it comes to your slimming goals. On average, these flame-grilled beef burgers have a syn value of approximately 26.7 syns per burger.

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So, scroll down to discover the syn values per burger and find out how these delectable flame-grilled beef burgers fare in terms of syns.

Burger NameSyns per gramSyns per 100gSyns per BurgerCalories per Burger
Double Whopper0.1111.342.0839.9
Californian BBQ Single0.1211.635.0700.7
Californian BBQ Double0.1212.247.4947.2
Classic Cheese Melt0.1313.017.6352.4
Kids Hamburger0.1313.112.2244.1
Kids Cheeseburger0.1313.414.1281.3
Steakhouse Angus0.1414.239.6792.1
Bacon Double Cheese XL0.1414.445.5909.7
Peppercorn Angus0.1514.638.5769.8
Bacon Double Cheeseburger0.1514.722.0439.5

Among Burger King’s flame-grilled beef burgers, the syn values vary based on the size and toppings. While the syns per gram for these burgers are relatively reasonable compared to other fast food options, their larger size contributes to higher overall syn values. It’s important to note that consuming these burgers on a 15 syn allowance can be challenging due to their calorie-dense nature.

The syn values range from the lowest to the highest across the menu. For example, the Kids Hamburger and Cheeseburger have lower syn values, with 12.2 and 14.2 syns respectively, making them relatively more manageable within a syn allowance. On the other end, the Bacon Double Cheese XL and Double Whopper stand out with higher syn values, reaching 45.5 and 42.0 syns respectively, due to their larger size and additional toppings.

Considering the syns per burger, it’s important to make mindful choices based on your personal syn allowance and weight loss goals. While these flame-grilled beef burgers can be enjoyed as an occasional treat, it’s advisable to opt for options with lower syn values if you’re looking to stay within your syn allowance while indulging in the flavorsome offerings from Burger King.

Burger King Veggie Burgers Syn Values

how many syns in burger king veggie burgers

Introducing Burger King’s Veggie Burgers and their syn values. Burger King recognizes the growing demand for plant-based options, and their menu includes a selection of veggie burgers to cater to vegetarians and those looking for meat-free alternatives. These veggie burgers are crafted with plant-based ingredients to provide a tasty and satisfying burger experience. Let’s explore the syn values of Burger King’s veggie burgers, which will help you make informed choices when it comes to your slimming goals.

Burger NameSyns per gramSyns per 100gSyns per BurgerCalories per Burger
Vegan Royale BaKon King0.1313.533662
Vegan Royale with Cheeze0.1313.332646
Plant-based Bakon King0.1313.334685
Vegan Royale0.1312.828557
Plant-based Bakon King Double0.1312.848953
Plant-based Whopper Cheeze & Bakon0.1010.133654
Plant-based Whopper Cheeze0.109.932631
Plant-based Whopper0.099.526528

When it comes to Burger King’s Veggie Burgers, it’s important to note that even though they are vegetarian options, they can still be calorie-dense. Let’s take a closer look at the syn values for each burger:

The average syns per burger for Burger King’s Veggie Burgers is 32 syns, indicating that they can contribute significantly to your daily syn allowance. The average syns per gram for these burgers is 0.12 syns, highlighting their relatively high syn density.

Among the Veggie Burgers, the Plant-based Bakon King Double stands out with the highest syn value per burger at 48 syns. On the other hand, the Plant-based Whopper has the lowest syn value per burger, with 26 syns.

In terms of syn density, the Plant-based Bakon King takes the lead with the highest syn value per gram at 0.13 syns, while the Plant-based Whopper has the lowest syn value per gram at 0.09 syns.

These figures serve as a reminder that even vegetarian options can be calorie-dense and may require careful consideration within your syn allowance. It’s important to make informed choices based on your dietary goals and preferences when selecting a Veggie Burger at Burger King.

How many syns are on the Burger King chicken menu?

how many syns are in burger king chicken

Burger King offers a delectable chicken menu filled with tantalizing options. From the classic Chicken Royale to the crispy Chicken Nuggets, there’s something for every chicken enthusiast. Whether you’re craving a mouthwatering chicken sandwich or bite-sized chicken delights, Burger King has you covered. Join us as we explore the enticing flavors of Burger King’s chicken offerings and uncover your next chicken indulgence.

NameSyns per gramSyns per 100gSyns per ServingCalories per Serving
Chicken Royale0.1212.42539
Chicken Royale Bacon & Cheese0.1313.133659
Doritos Chilli Heatwave Chicken Fries0.1111.511.4228
Californian BBQ Royale0.1010.331.3626
Steakhouse Crispy Chicken0.1313.331.9637
Chicken Nuggets0.1312.912.5249
Kids Chicken Nugget (From a meal)0.1312.98.3165

The chicken menu at Burger King offers a range of delicious options with varying syn values. From the Chicken Royale with its syns per serving at 27.0 to the Doritos Chilli Heatwave Chicken Fries with a lower syn value of 11.4, there is a choice for every palate. The syns per gram across the menu range from 0.10 to 0.13, indicating a moderate syn density. Whether you prefer the indulgent Chicken Royale Bacon & Cheese or the lighter Kids Chicken Nugget, these chicken options provide a flavorful experience while keeping syn values in mind. Remember, portion control and making informed choices are key when enjoying these tasty chicken dishes at Burger King.

How many syns are on the Burger King sides menu?

how many syns are on the burger king sides menu

On the Sides menu at Burger King, you’ll find a range of delicious options to complement your meal. The syn values per gram in this menu are particularly notable, making these side dishes a flavorful addition to your syn allowance. From the loaded and indulgent Loaded King Fries to the plant-based goodness of Vegan Nuggets, each item offers a unique taste experience. Whether you prefer the crispy Onion Rings or the savory Chilli Cheese Bites, there’s something for everyone. Take a closer look at the syn values per serving of each side dish and choose your favorites wisely to stay on track with your slimming goals.

Side NameSyns per gramSyns per 100gSyns per ServingCalories per Serving
Loaded King Fries0.1111.020.7414.9
Vegan Nuggets (6)0.1111.312.2243.0
Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries0.1111.422.7453.6
Fries (Regular)0.1211.913.8276.7
Onion Rings0.1212.516.9337.2
Sharer Box0.1312.842.4848.6
Peppercorn Loaded King Fries0.1414.229.7594.5
Chilli Cheese Bites0.1414.315.9318.2

The Sides menu at Burger King offers a range of delicious options with varying syn values. When it comes to syn values per gram, the sides have a range of 0.11 to 0.14 syns per gram. The Loaded King Fries and Peppercorn Loaded King Fries have the highest syns per gram at 0.14, while the Vegan Nuggets (6) and Fries (Regular) have relatively lower syn values at 0.11.

In terms of syns per serving, the syn values range from 12.2 to 42.4 syns per serving. The Vegan Nuggets (6) and Fries (Regular) have the lowest syn values per serving, with 12.2 and 13.8 syns respectively. The Sharer Box stands out with the highest syns per serving at 42.4 syns.

It’s important to consider the syn values and calories per serving when choosing sides from the menu, to ensure they fit within your syn allowance and dietary preferences.

Burger King Low Slimming World Syn Choices

Explore the top choices for the lowest syn options in each section of Burger King’s menu. Discover the two lowest syn selections from categories like flame-grilled beef burgers, veggie burgers, chicken items, and sides. Make informed choices with these low syn options while enjoying the delectable offerings from Burger King.

Burger King Flame-Grilled Beef Burgers:

  • Veggie Burger: 7.7 syns per burger
  • Cheeseburger: 14.2 syns per burger

Burger King Veggie Burgers:

  • Vegan Royale: 28 syns per burger
  • Vegan Royale BaKon King: 33 syns per burger

Burger King Chicken Menu:

  • Kids Chicken Nugget (From a meal): 8.3 syns per serving
  • Doritos Chilli Heatwave Chicken Fries: 11.4 syns per serving

Burger King Sides:

  • Vegan Nuggets (6): 12.2 syns per serving
  • Onion Rings: 16.9 syns per serving

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