How many syns are in Wotsits?

Walkers Wotsits are among my personal favourite and particularly the favourite of my toddler daughter! They’re small, moreish and out of all cheesy crisps they are the ones with the deepest flavours and a satisfying powdery texture. In the UK crisp scene they regularly place in top 10 lists of the nation’s favourite.

One of the biggest selling points is also the low number of calories and therefore syns, making them an ideal snack for someone with a sweet tooth but not wanting to go overboard.

So, how many syns are in a loose bag of Wotsits or a multi pack bag? Let’s find out.

Wotsits Syn Values

A single, loose bag of Wotsits weighs 36g and contains 148 calories. This means that a bag of Wotsits is worth 7.4 syns. A 16.5g bag of Wotsits you find in multipacks are worth 82 calories which is 4.1 syns.

In terms of syns per gram, they are ranked 1st out of 32, thanks to its low ratio of 0.21. The other crisps brands nearest to Wotsits are Snackrite crisps (6.7), Transformers (7.6) and Sunbakes (6.7).

crisps syn values

Wotsits Giants Syn Values

We have not included the Giants version of Wotsits in the table as to keep it user friendly for the most popular brands. However, we have taken a look at Wotsits giants syn values. A 130g bag of Wotsits giants contains 713 calories which is 35.65 syns, which is horrendous and counts as 1.78 syns per gram, which is equally awful. If you love Wotsits but are strict with your syns do not get the Giants.

Are Wotsits worth the syns?

In terms of how many syns are in a grab bag then Wotists rank 9th, behind Snackrite Crisps (6.7) and above Transformers (7.6). However, Wotists strength is its syns per gram of weight when all crisps are compared equally – Wotists have the lowest syns per gram of all crisps (0.21), above Yushoi Pea (also 0.21), Walkers Baked (0.22) and Walkers Pops (0.22). This gives them a SynScore of 0% (they are top).

If you ae going to have a crispy snack, then you simply can’t get better than Wotists in terms of bang for your buck.

Wotsits Ingredients and Nutrition

wotsits nutrition

Corn (Maize), Rapeseed Oil, Cheese Flavour [Whey Permeate (contains MILK), Dried Cheese (from MILK) (6%), Salt, Cheese Solids (from MILK), Dairy Solids (from MILK), Yeast Extract, Potassium Chloride, Acid (Lactic Acid), Flavour Enhancer (Disodium 5′-Ribonucleotides), Colours (Paprika Extract, Annatto Norbixin), Natural Flavouring (contains MILK)].

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