How many syns are in Whisky

Whisky, a timeless and classic spirit, enjoyed by many worldwide. It’s often the go-to for those who appreciate the complexity and depth that this distilled alcoholic beverage offers. For those on a health-conscious journey, it’s important to know the syn values associated with this iconic drink, enabling them to partake while maintaining control of their dietary goals. This guide will take you through the syn values in popular brands of whisky, allowing you to make informed decisions about your beverage choices. It’s worth noting that these values are based on the whisky alone, and mixers or additives will increase the syn count. So, let’s delve into the world of whisky and its syn values!

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Whisky Syn Values

In this section, we’ve compiled syn values for some of the most popular and best-selling whisky brands. While this list covers a wide range, it’s by no means exhaustive. You might be surprised to learn that many of these brands have identical or near-identical syn values, demonstrating that in the world of whisky, choosing a brand often comes down to flavor preference rather than syn values.

On average, you’ll find that a standard 25ml measure of whisky has around 2.8 syns, a 35ml serving has approximately 3.9 syns, and 100ml of whisky contains roughly 11.1 syns. These averages serve as a reliable guide for calculating syn values for other whisky brands not listed here. Now, let’s explore the syn values of these well-known whiskies in detail.

BrandCalories per 100mlSyns per mlSyns per 25mlSyns per 35mlSyns per 100ml
Chivas Regal2200.112.83.8511
William Lawson2200.112.83.8511
Queen Margot (Lidl)2200.112.83.8511
Glen Marnoch (Aldi)2210.112.83.8611.0
Johnnie Walker Black Label2220.112.83.8811
Royal Salute2220.112.83.8811
Jack Daniel's2220.112.83.8811
Whyte & Mackay2220.112.83.8811
Tesco Special Reserve2220.112.83.8811
Haig Club2220.112.83.8811
Talisker Skye2220.112.83.8811
Famous Grouse2250.112.83.9
Monkey Shoulder2800.143.54.914

From our compiled data, we can observe a remarkable uniformity in syn values across different whisky brands. Most brands hover around 2.8 syns for a 25ml serving, 3.9 syns for a 35ml serving, and 11.1 syns per 100ml. The least syn-heavy whisky among our selected brands is Chivas Regal, Glenfiddich, William Lawson, Ballantine’s, Bell’s, and Queen Margot (Lidl), all with the same syn values of 2.8 syns for 25ml, 3.85 syns for 35ml, and 11 syns per 100ml.

The whisky with the highest syn value per 100ml is Monkey Shoulder at 14 syns. However, it’s essential to note that this increase is not dramatic when translated into standard serving sizes – it’s just about 0.7 syns more for a 25ml serving and around 1 syn more for a 35ml serving compared to the lowest syn whiskies.

Interestingly, popular brands like Johnnie Walker Black Label, Jack Daniel’s, and Glenmorangie all have identical syn values, which means when it comes to selecting a whisky based on syn values, personal taste should be the deciding factor.

Regardless of the slight variations in syn values, all whiskies listed provide a reasonably consistent baseline for those keeping track of their syns while still wanting to enjoy a tipple of their favorite whisky.

Is whisky worth the syns?

When comparing whisky to other popular alcoholic beverages, it fares reasonably well in terms of syn values. A standard 25ml serving of whisky costing around 2.8 syns is comparable to many spirits such as gin and vodka, which stand at approximately 2.5 syns for the same measure. The slight difference here may not significantly impact your syn budget, especially if whisky is your preferred choice of spirit.

Compared to white wine, which on average can be about 6 syns for a standard 125ml glass, whisky may offer a lower-syn alternative, especially if you are someone who savors the drink slowly. Even among other spirits, whisky is in line. For instance, rum, depending on the brand and type, ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 syns for a 25ml serving, while tequila can go up to 2.7 syns for the same quantity.

Creamy liqueurs and sugary mixed drinks, which can contain many hidden syns due to their sugar content, are much higher in syn values than whisky. Therefore, choosing a measure of whisky over a sweet cocktail or a creamy liqueur could be a wiser choice for those counting syns.

However, it’s important to remember that whisky is traditionally consumed neat or on the rocks, and adding mixers will increase the syn value. If you’re a fan of whisky-based cocktails, these can potentially be higher in syns due to the addition of sweeteners and other ingredients.

In conclusion, if you enjoy whisky, it can be a syn-efficient choice compared to many other alcoholic beverages, especially cocktails and creamy liqueurs. As always, mindful consumption is key in maintaining a balance in your syn intake.

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