How many syns are in Walkers MAX?

Walkers MAX and MAX strong are Walkers niche crisps aimed at powerful flavours and deeper crunch – it is their attempt at taking on the market share of the likes of McCoy’s, Tyrrell’s and Kettle. They have actually been around since 1999, originally focusing on the ridges before slowly going towards the flavour. Now, they even have the recommendation of pairing them with beer – potentially trying to get at the pub market or those who drink beer in evenings in front of their TVs.

Walkers MAX come in 27g multipacks, 50h meal deal bags and 150g mega bags. We’ll cover all three. All flavours of Max contain the same calories.

When it comes to nutrition, does this extra strong flavour impact the calories and therefore the syns? How does Walkers MAX compare to ‘regular’ crisps? Let’s find out.

Walkers MAX syn values

  • A 27g bag from a multipack contains 139 calories. This means that a 27g bag of Walkers Max is worth 6.95 syns.

This is comparable to Snackrite and Wotsits.

  • The 50g meal deal bag contains 254 calories. This means that a 50g bag of Walkers Max is worth 12.7 syns.

This is comparable to Nik Naks and McCoy’s.

The 150g mega bag of Walkers max contains 730 calories and therefore 36.5 syns.

These numbers seem meaningless and random, and in a way they are in isolation. How does this compare to other crisps? Are they better or worse? Well, we’ve got the answer. Read on to find out.

crisps syn values

Are Walkers MAX worth the syns?

When you fancy a treat and you’ve worked hard then you should always go for a snack that you genuinely enjoy and have the syns to spare for it, that’s because the whole point is a reward for losing weight or sticking to a meal plan. A single syn is 20 calories no mater what you eat.

That being said, if you want to maximise your syn allowance then Walkers MAX aren’t the best and probably closer to the bottom of the crisps syn list.

With a syns per gram of 0.25 they’re comparable to Monster Munch, Sensations and Tyrrell’s, neither of which are particularly light on calories. This syns per gram means Walkers Max have a synscore of 62% and an overall rank of 21 out of 32.

Walkers Max Nutrition and Ingredients

walkers max nutrition

Potatoes, Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Rapeseed, in varying proportions), Punchy Paprika Seasoning [Sugar, Salt, Flavourings, Dried Paprika, Dextrose, Dried Onion, Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Malic Acid), Dried Tomato, Dried Garlic, Smoke Flavouring, Colour (Paprika Extract).

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