How many syns are in Vodka

Vodka, one of the world’s most consumed spirits, is celebrated for its versatility and neutrality. With roots in Eastern Europe, vodka has become a global staple, featuring in countless cocktails, from the bold Bloody Mary to the refreshing Moscow Mule, and the classic Vodka Tonic.

Glen's Vodka
Glen's vodka is the lowest syn vodka on the market coming in at 2.6 syns per shot. Restock your cupboard and save some syns!

One of vodka’s chief attractions is its clean, crisp taste, making it an ideal spirit to pair with various mixers. But while it’s renowned for its smoothness, vodka is a strong alcoholic beverage, usually around 40% alcohol by volume. Therefore, it’s typically served in small measures, like shots or as a base in cocktails.

However, while vodka itself might seem low in syns due to these small serving sizes, it’s important to remember that it’s usually not consumed neat. The mixers that accompany vodka in cocktails or simple highball drinks can significantly increase the syn value of your drink. Let’s dive into the world of vodka and understand its syn values better.

Vodka Syn Values

NameSyns per mlSyns in 25ml (shot)Syns in 50mlSyns in 100ml
Tesco Imperial0.
Lidl Ignis0.
Smirnoff Red Label0.112.75.410.8
Grey Goose0.112.85.511.0
Absolut Flavoured0.112.85.511.1
Russian Standard0.112.85.611.1
Smirnoff Vodka0.112.85.611.2

When it comes to vodka, the syn values across different brands are surprisingly similar. This may seem counterintuitive considering the vast range of vodka prices on the market, from economical brands like Glen’s and Tesco Imperial, to premium offerings like Grey Goose and Belvedere. However, their syn values are nearly identical, as they all lie within a narrow range due to their similar alcohol content.

Here’s a breakdown of the syn values of the UK’s most popular vodka brands:

  • Glen’s, Tesco Imperial, and Lidl Ignis: All three of these brands have the same syn value, with 0.10 syns per ml. This translates to 2.6 syns in a 25ml shot, 5.2 syns in a 50ml serving, and 10.4 syns in 100ml.
  • Smirnoff Red Label: A 25ml shot has 2.7 syns, a 50ml serving has 5.4 syns, and 100ml has 10.8 syns.
  • Grey Goose, Absolut (including flavoured versions), Vusa, and XIX: These brands all have 0.11 syns per ml, resulting in 2.8 syns in a 25ml shot, 5.5 syns in 50ml, and 11.1 syns in 100ml.
  • Russian Standard, Belvedere, and Smirnoff Vodka: These brands notch up slightly higher, with 2.8 syns in a 25ml shot, 5.6 syns in 50ml, and 11.2 syns in 100ml.

Given these syn values, you may find it’s not necessarily beneficial from a syns standpoint to splurge on a more expensive brand. Remember, however, that taste and personal preference also play a crucial role. Just keep in mind, if you’re planning to mix your vodka with something like Coca-Cola or other flavoured mixers, they can potentially add more syns than the vodka itself. As with all things, moderation is key.

Is Vodka syn worth the syns?

When deciding whether vodka is worth the syns, it’s important to look at it in the context of other alcoholic beverages. According to the data, vodka, with an average of around 2.8 syns for a 25ml serving, is similar in syn values to many other popular spirits such as tequila, rum, and Bacardi, which all have 3.8 syns per shot.

However, compared to lighter options like lager and non-alcoholic lager, which have around 0.6 and 0.5 syns per shot respectively, vodka is clearly a higher-syn choice. On the other end of the spectrum, compared to a drink like Bailey’s, which comes in at 6.1 syns per shot, vodka is a more syn-friendly choice.

If you’re a fan of spirits and are looking for a lower-syn alternative, gin could be a suitable option. It has slightly fewer syns per shot, around 4.3 syns. Furthermore, it’s commonly served with tonic water or soda, which can be chosen in their diet versions to keep the syns low.

While vodka does have its place as a treat within your syn allowance, always remember the role mixers play in your drink’s overall syn value. Even if vodka itself doesn’t seem high in syns, adding full-sugar mixers can double or even triple the total syn count.

Ultimately, whether vodka is worth the syns or not is a personal decision. If it’s a drink you really enjoy, and it helps you feel satisfied and stick to your diet plan in the long run, then it can certainly be worth the syns. As always, the key is balance and moderation.

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