How many syns are in Tyrells Hand Cooked Crisps

Tyrells make what some people would call posh crisps, hand cooked, luxurious taste and well designed bags. Tyrells are actually owned by KP snacks, so they’re technically a sub-brand but still have their honourable old time English heritage. The spuds they use to make these crisps are still very much British so you are supporting the local produce market by eating them.

The ones we’re going to focus on here are the hand cooked potato variants which you’d find in coffee shops such as Costa or supermarkets. The flavours are lightly sea salted, sea salt and cider vinegar and mature cheddar and chive. The loose bags from the coffee shop or in a meal deal is 40g but you can get 150g share bags.

We’re going to tell you how many syns are in them and some tidbits about whether or not the poshness is worth the syns when compared to other crisps.

Tyrell’s Hand Cooked Potato Crisps Syn Values

  • A 40g bag of Tyrrell’s crisps contain 203 calories. This means a 40g bag of Tyrell’s crisps are worth 10.2 syns.

This is a big number comparable to Kettle (direct competitor), Sensations and Eat Real Hummus Chips.

There’s no difference in terms of syns between flavours of Tyrrell’s crisps so use these numbers regardless of your choice.

  • The big 150g bag of Tyrrel’s crisps contains 783 calories. This means the 150g bag of Tyrrell’s crisps are worth 39.15 syns.

These are some pretty big numbers, but they are pretty big bags. What if we compared all crisps as if they were the same weight? Let’s find out.

crisps syn values

A single syn is worth 20 calories, it doesn’t matter if those calories are from sausages, biscuits or crisps. Therefore, if you have the syns to spare and you really love Tyrrell’s crisps then why not just have them? After all, that’s what syns are for!

But, if you’re not bothered and you just want a decent pack of crisps which are not calorie dense then Tyrrell’s are certainly not the best, after all they had to put something extra in them for that flavour didn’t they? Let’s analyse.

tyrell’s hand cooked crisps have a syns per gram ratio of 0.25, similar to Walkers Max, Transformers, Pom Bears and Doritos. None of these are particularly great. This leads Tyrrell’s to have a SynScore of 62% and an overall rank of 20th out of 32. Not the worst and not the best. Check out the full crisp syn list to find better alternatives.

Tyrrell’s Nutrition and Ingredients

tyrells nutrition

Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt.

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