How many syns are in strong Lager

Strong lagers, also known as super strength lagers, hold a unique position in the world of beers. With alcohol content typically ranging from 8% to 9% or even higher, these beverages provide a potent alternative to their lighter counterparts. The bold flavors and robust character of strong lagers have garnered them a dedicated following, even as their higher alcohol content requires mindful consumption.

Popular brands in this category include Tennent’s Super, Carlsberg Special Brew, Kestrel Super, and Skol Super Strength, each offering their own distinct take on this formidable style of lager. In the realm of super strength lagers, you’ll find expressions that venture into the territory of bock and doppelbock beers, renowned German styles known for their high alcohol content and intense flavors.


While super strength lagers offer a unique drinking experience, it’s worth noting that their elevated alcohol content also translates to higher caloric and syn values. This can be a consideration for individuals adhering to a dietary plan like Slimming World, where it’s important to account for the syn value of everything you consume.

Whether enjoyed as an occasional indulgence, or as part of a balanced approach to diet and lifestyle, super strength lagers invite us to savor and respect the power and complexity they bring to the glass. But as with all things in life, the key with these potent brews is moderation and balance.

Strong Lager Syn Values

NameSyns per mlSyns per 1/2 PintSyns per 330ml BottleSyns per Pint
Tennent's Super0.68.59.917
Carlsberg Special Brew0.699.811.420
Kestrel Super0.547.78.915
Skol Super Strength0.598.49.717

Strong lagers, owing to their higher alcohol content, naturally come with a higher syn value compared to standard lagers. The syn value per milliliter is considerably higher, which reflects in the syn count for common serving sizes.

Let’s explore the syn values for some of the most popular strong lagers:

  • Tennent’s Super: 0.6 syns per ml, equating to approximately 8.52 syns per half pint and 17 syns per pint.
  • Carlsberg Special Brew: 0.69 syns per ml, resulting in about 9.8 syns per half pint and a whopping 20 syns per pint.
  • Kestrel Super: 0.54 syns per ml, translating to roughly 7.67 syns per half pint and 15 syns per pint.
  • Skol Super Strength: 0.59 syns per ml, meaning about 8.38 syns per half pint and 17 syns per pint.

In comparison, standard lagers typically have a syn value of 0.02 syns per ml. This difference becomes clear when you look at a pint of regular lager, which averages around 9.5 syns, roughly half that of a pint of strong lager.

In terms of bottles, a 330ml serving of strong lager can range from around 8.91 syns for Kestrel Super to 11.39 syns for Carlsberg Special Brew. This, again, is significantly higher compared to the average 330ml can or bottle of regular lager, which is usually around 4.3 syns.

It’s clear that when it comes to syn values, strong lagers pack a heavier punch compared to their standard counterparts. This is something to keep in mind when planning your consumption and staying within your daily syn allowance.

Is Super Strength lager worth the syns?

Determining whether Super Strength Lager is worth the syns is an individual choice, based on personal preference and your diet plan. However, from a pure syn perspective, these stronger beers have a notably higher syn value compared to standard lagers and other alcoholic beverages, like cider and regular-strength beer.

For example, a pint of standard lager has an average syn value of 9.5, while a pint of Super Strength Lager can range from 15 to 20 syns. That’s almost twice the syn value for the same volume.

Furthermore, a 330ml serving of strong lager can range from 8.91 to 11.39 syns, which is about double that of a similar serving of regular lager or even cider, which is typically around 4.3 and 5.9 syns, respectively.

Another point to consider is the addition of mixers, which can further increase the syn value of your drink. However, mixers are less commonly used with strong lagers.

In the end, if you have a preference for the robust flavor and higher alcohol content of Super Strength Lagers and are willing to adjust your syn consumption elsewhere, it could be considered worth the syns. But if you’re looking for a lower-syn alcoholic beverage, you might want to consider standard lagers, ciders, or even certain wines.

Always remember to consume alcohol responsibly and in moderation, as part of a balanced diet. Your syns are there to be enjoyed, so if a Super Strength Lager is your preferred treat, just plan accordingly to ensure it fits within your syn allowance.

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