How Many Syns Are In Space Raiders

Space Raiders are a snack time staple in the UK, possibly the most during high school and University. The pickled onion flavour is sharp and the bags are relatively cheap to buy, making them ideal cornershop swag. They are made by KP snacks and are British made since 1987. They are famous for being an indicator of inflation, alongside a Freddo, as they are known to be cheap and if their price goes up its probably because of inflation.

They come in various flavours and bag sizes, the standard bag is 25g and multipacks are 13g or so. These smaller bags mean they are typically low on syns. But, this isn’t the only thing we’re going to be looking at today.

Space Raider Syn Values

A standard bag of Space Raiders weighs 25 grams and contains 124 calories. This means a bag of Space Raiders is worth 6.2 syns, each. A much smaller bag of Space Raiders (13g) contains 63 calories and therefore 3.15 syns. This makes both choices a low syn crisp option.

As they are corn and wheat based, they can be a little more calorie dense than potato based crisps.

Looking at the Space Raiders’ syn value and weight it concludes the syn to gram ratio is 0.25 which is reasonable and not spectacular. More on this later!

crisps syn values

Are Space Raiders worth the syns?

We always refer to our above syns list when figuring it if something is worth it or rather if there’s something out there which could be better if you’re not dead set on a particular brand of crisps. When we analysed Space Raiders and compared them to 31 other crisps as if they all weighed the same it was clear Space Raiders were neither great or terrible. With a SynScore of 55% they are right in the middle of syn/calories to their weight.

Because the bags are so small, Space Raiders are 5th in terms of individual bag syn values, similar to Walkers Pops, Pom Bears (4.8) and Scampi Fries (6.4).

A syns per gram of 0.25 is comparable to Pom Bears, Hoola Hoops, Doritos and Sensations.

But, they are possibly one of the tastiest crisps out there which means if you have the syns to spare then why not spend them on something you definitely like rather than something that may be better value for money but you end up not really enjoying?

Space Raider Nutrition and Ingredients

space raider nutrition

Maize, Sunflower Oil (22%), Pickled Onion Flavour [Wheat Flour, Acidity Regulator: Sodium Diacetate, Salt, Dried Onion, Acid: Citric Acid, Flavour Enhancer: Monosodium Glutamate, Flavourings, Cayenne Extract, Ground White Pepper], Dried Potato, Salt.

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