How many syns are in Snackrite crisps?

Snackrite crisps are Aldi’s own brand generic crisps, similar in style to Walkers Classic and Golden Wonder. They’re no frills, nothing fancy in the standard flavours you’d expect. What makes them popular is that they taste just as good as the competition but at a fraction of the cost in a lot of cases.

But, does cheap and cheerful mean they’re low in syns and calories? Let’s find out.

Aldi Snackrite Crisps Syn Values

Snackrite crisps only come in a multipack bag, which is 25g. They also come in ready salted, salt and vinegar, cheese and onion and prawn cocktail. All flavours are the same in terms of calories so you can use the below information no matter which you go for.

Snackrite 25g multipack contains 134 calories. This means that Snackrite crisps are worth 6.7 syns.

This is a low amount, but the bag is small. Similar to Sunbites, Wotsits, and Scampi Fries.

However, as we have mentioned in every syn value guide we’ve ever made, this number doesn’t tell the whole story. The whole story is if you compared all crisps with each other as if they all weighed the same (standardisation). What are the results? Read on to find out.

crisps syn values

Are Snackrite crisps worth the syns?

Aldi’s snackrite brand of crisps are cheap and the bags are small making them an ideal snack which won’t steal all your syns in one go. They’re also pretty tasty to be fair and genuinely enjoyable to eat. That being said, there are better and less calorie dense options out there as shown in our crisps league table.

Snackrite crisps have a syns per gram ratio of 0.27 which is at the low end of the table, this means they are calorie/syn dense. Comparable crisps are Quavers, Golden Wonder, Skips and Nik Naks.

The SynScore is 80% and the rank in terms of how many syns per gram they are when compared with 32 other brands is 28th. There are 27 crisps that are less heavy on the calories than these.

Snackrite Nutrition and Ingredients

snackrite nutrition

Potato (65%), High Oleic Sunflower Oil (34%), Salt. Cheese And Onion Flavour Crisps: Potato (61%), High Oleic Sunflower Oil (33%.

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