How many syns are in Smash Mash Potato

Smash Mashed Potato is synonymous with quick, convenient comfort food. It’s been a staple in many UK households for years, offering creamy, fluffy mashed potatoes in a matter of minutes. But when you’re on a Slimming World plan, you have to consider the syn values for everything you eat. So, how does Smash measure up against good old-fashioned mashed potatoes made from scratch? Is it a smarter choice for those watching their syns? In this article, we’ll delve into these pressing questions and explore whether Smash Mashed Potato is worth incorporating into your diet.

Read on as we break down the syn values, compare Smash to homemade mashed potatoes, and offer insights into healthier alternatives you may want to consider.

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Is Smash a Free Food or Healthy Extra B?

Smash Mashed Potato does not qualify as a Free Food or a Healthy Extra B (HEX B) on the Slimming World plan. Despite its low syn value, it’s excluded from the Free Foods category due to its highly processed nature. Similarly, it’s not considered a Healthy Extra B because it lacks the protein content necessary for that classification.

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How many syns are in Smash Instant Mash Potato?

For a 180g portion of Smash Mashed Potato made with 30g of Smash and 150ml of water, you’ll be looking at approximately 104 calories, which translates to around 5.2 syns. Additionally, Smash Mashed Potato has about 0.173 syns per gram. Note that adding milk or butter will increase the syn value.

Is Smash lower in syns than real mashed potato?

When comparing Smash Mashed Potato with real mashed potato based on a 180g portion, Smash contains 104 calories, equating to 5.2 syns. Real mashed potato, on the other hand, contains approximately 158.4 calories (88 calories per 100g x 1.8 for the 180g portion), equating to 7.92 syns. Therefore, Smash is lower in syns than real mashed potato for the same portion size.

On a per-gram basis, Smash contains approximately 0.0289 syns per gram (5.2 syns/180g), while real mashed potato contains approximately 0.044 syns per gram (7.92 syns/180g). This shows that Smash is also lower in syns per gram compared to real mashed potato.

Is Smash worth the syns?

When considering whether Smash Mashed Potato is worth the syns, it’s essential to look at both the nutritional value and the syn count. With 5.2 syns for a 180g portion, it certainly appears to be more syn-efficient than real mashed potatoes, which offer around 7.92 syns for the same amount.

However, what you gain in syn efficiency with Smash, you may lose in nutritional value. Real mashed potatoes provide more fiber, potassium, and a broader range of nutrients. So, if you’re solely focused on reducing syns, Smash could be the way to go. But if you’re looking for a more nutritious option, real mashed potatoes would be a better choice.

In summary, if you’re watching your syns closely, Smash could be a useful product. However, for those who are concerned about the overall nutritional profile of their food, real mashed potatoes are more complete. Either way, the choice boils down to your individual priorities—whether that’s minimizing syns or maximizing nutrition.

Smash Mashed Potato Nutrients and Ingredients

smash mashed potato nutrients and ingredients

Dehydrated Potato (98%), Salt, Emulsifier (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Stabiliser (Diphosphates), Antioxidants (Ascorbic Acid, Bisulphites (Sulphites)), Colour (Curcumin), Flavouring.

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