How Many Syns Are in Skips Crisps?

For those who love prawn crackers, Skips are a miniature and slightly sweeter version that melt and fizz in the mouth while offering a mild prawn cocktail flavour. They are made by KP snacks, famous for their peanuts and a couple of other brand of savoury snacks. There are other flavours available from the Skips range but prawn cocktail is the most popular by a country mile so this syn analysis will focus on just that.

Skips Syn Values

A bag of Skips weighs 35 grams and contains 190 calories. This means that Skips are worth 9.5 syns, per bag. This is a ratio of 0.27 syns per gram, regardless of the size of bag you have. A multipack bag of Skips weighs 13.1g and has 71 calories, this means they are worth 3.55 syns which may be a better option but the ratio remains the same. Find out why this is important below.

A grab bag of Skips is comparable to Quavers (9.1), Chipsticks (9.0) and Sensations (9.9).

crisps syn values

Are Skips worth the syns and calories?

Skips have a syn per gram ratio of 0.27 and a SynScore of 85%, which is among the worst in our list of the 32 most popular crisps. What does this mean? Well, simply put Skips are calorie dense through their ingredients – no crisps are healthy, we all know that, but some are more loaded on fats and sugars and Skips are one of them. Skips are comparable to Eat Real Quinoa, NikNaks and Golden Wonder in that regard.

However, taste is important and syns are there for a reason – if Skips are your favourite and you have the syns to burn then have them, but if you aren’t fussed about which crisps you want then our full list contains brands which give you a much higher return of crisp to syn – use the SynRank to find out which.

Skips Nutrition and Ingredients

skips nutrition

Tapioca Starch, Sunflower Oil (32%), Maize Flour, Prawn Cocktail Flavour [Sugar, Salt, Natural Flavourings, Acid: Citric Acid, Dried Onion, Natural Vinegar Flavouring, Potassium Chloride, Yeast Extract, Spice, Dried Tomato, Natural Pepper Flavourings, Colour: Paprika Extract], Rice Protein, Sugar, Salt, Colour: Paprika Extract.

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