How many syns are in Seabrook crisps?

Seabrook crisps are a plucky lot who make really simple crisps in a very competitive market. Many people swear by their flavour and are big fans – it seems you either eat Seabrook crisps a lot or not at all. They are a British brand but were acquired by Japanese company Calbee in 2018. Since then, nothing has change except their market spending which has gone up making Seabrook more popular than ever.

Seabrook’s crisps come in 25g multipacks and a 31.8g grab bag you’d find in meal deals. The sea salted, cheese and onion and prawn cocktail all contain the same calories and you can use this guide for any of them.

They claim simplicity but does this equate to low syns in a bag? Let’s dig in.

Seabrook Crisps Syn Values

  • The 25g multipack bag contains 129 calories. This means a 25g bag of Seabrook crisps is worth 6.45 syns.

This is similar to Scampi Fries, Sunbites and Space Raiders.

The 31.8g bag contains 164 calories. This means the 31.8g bag of Seabrook crisps is worth 8.2 syns.

This is similar to Walkers Baked, Eat Real Quinoa and Walkers Classic.

We tend to advise to not look at the syn values per bag, because bags vary in sizes. Instead, we recommend to look at the syns per gram. How does Seabrook fare when compared with other crisps if they all weighed the same? Read on to find out.

crisps syn values

Are Seabrook worth the syns?

Eat what you love with the syns that you have, because 1 syn = 20 calories no matter how you slice it. Seabrook’s small bag sizes mean they can fit in with most people’s allowances. That being said, if you can take or leave Seabrooks then there are better alternatives. Here’s why.

Seabrook crisps syns per gram is 0.26, this is on the high end of the scale with the likes of Kettle, Pringles and McCoy’s. The SynScore for Seabrook is 67% which again isn’t great (0% is best). Lastly, Seabrook syn rank is 23rd out of 32 which tells you just how many other brands are less calorie dense than these.

Seabrook Crisps Nutrition And Ingredients

sea brooks nutrition

Potatoes, Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Rapeseed, in varying proportions), Sea Salt.

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