How many syns are in Scampi Fries?

Scampi Fries are a pub classic along with pork scratchings and peanuts. You can get them elsewhere but there’s no argument that the public house is where Scampi Fries get their reputation as a tangy, crispy savoury snack. In 2015, they were voted the number 1 pub snack in the UK!

Smiths make Scampi Fries along with many other pub classics, its a bit of a speciality for the UK crisp makers. You can get home versions and many of our visitors probably do – just to have that special lemon taste again.

But, considering their close links to the boozer many might consider them “probably” the most unhealthy – but is that the case in terms of their syns and calories? Let’s find out.

Scampi Fries Syn Values

A pack of Scampi Fries weighs 27 grams and contains 127 calories. This means that a 27g bag of Scampi Fries is worth 6.4 syns.

6.4 is a low amount of syns for a single packet, similar to Space Raiders, Snackrite and Walkers Pops. 27g is a small bag so this makes sense.

But, are Scampi Fries WORTH the syns? If all crisps weighed the same which is the least calorie dense crisp? We’ve actually got the answer for you. Read on…

crisps syn values

Are Scampi Fries worth the syns?

Syns are equal no matter where they come from. 1 syns worth of red meat is the same as 1 syns worth of crisps. If you really love Scampi Fries and have 6.4 syns left over then you should just enjoy them because that’s what syns are for in the first place.

But, its always worth playing the smart game with syns, there are some which will stretch the syns further than others. Scampi Fries are a top table crisp which are better than most we’ve evaluated. Here’s why.

At 6.4 syns per bag, Scampi Fries won’t break the bank. But, when we normalised all crisp weights Scampi Fries came back with a syns per gram of 0.24 which is a good score. Not amazing but pretty good. Comparable crisps are Sunbites, Eat Real Hummus and Chipsticks. When looking at the SynScore it is 39% with an overall rank of 10th out of 32. Not bad for a pub snack!

Scampi Fries Ingredients

Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Rapeseed, In Varying Proportions), Breadcrumbs [WHEATflour, Salt, Yeast, Paprika, Colours (Annatto Norbixin, Curcumin)], Maize, WHEATflour (Contains Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Scampi And Lemon Seasoning [Lactose (From MILK), Salt, Flavourings (Contains SOYA), Sugar, Flavour Enhancer, (Monosodium Glutamate), Yeast Extract, Potassium Chloride, Acid (Citric Acid)], SOYA Grits, Potato Starch, Salt.

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