How many syns are in Sambuca

If you’re a fan of anise-flavoured spirits, Sambuca might be your go-to choice for a nightcap or an after-dinner drink. This Italian liqueur, usually served neat or with water, is known for its strong, sweet, and aromatic character. However, when it comes to maintaining a balanced diet, you might wonder how Sambuca fits into your syn allowance. In this article, we’ll delve into the syn values of Sambuca, helping you make informed decisions about your favourite tipple. Remember, it’s all about balance and moderation. So, let’s get started!

Sambuca Syn Values

When it comes to spirits like Sambuca, the serving sizes are usually much smaller than other beverages. This is because of their high alcohol content and intense flavour. Sambuca is typically served in shots (35ml) or perhaps double measures (70ml) if you fancy a stronger sip.

Based on our table of alcoholic drinks, Sambuca has approximately 0.18 syns per ml, which is quite high due to its high alcohol and sugar content. Here’s a breakdown of the syn values:

  • A shot (35ml) of Sambuca equates to around 6.3 syns
  • A double measure (70ml) will clock in at roughly 12.6 syns

Keep in mind that these numbers are for Sambuca served neat. If you’re adding anything to your Sambuca other than water, you’ll need to account for the additional syns. For instance, a mixer like cola or lemonade will add extra syns unless it’s a zero-calorie version.

It’s always a good idea to use a syn calculator or multiply according to the shot measure if you’re having a non-standard serving size, to make sure you stay within your daily syn allowance.

Is Sambuca worth the syns?


Whether Sambuca is worth the syns or not is a subjective question and depends on your individual preferences. If sipping on a glass of Sambuca is how you prefer to unwind, then it could be worth the higher syn value for you.

However, when comparing Sambuca to other high-alcohol-content spirits, its syn value is on the higher end. For example, vodka, rum, and whisky, which are also typically consumed in smaller measures like shots, have a lower syn value per ml. They all come in at approximately 0.11 syns per ml, a significant difference from Sambuca’s 0.18 syns per ml.

It’s important to note that alcoholic drinks, including Sambuca, offer little to no nutritional value. They can be seen as ’empty calories’ or syns. If you’re planning a night out and are conscious of your syn intake, you might want to consider some of the lower syn options available. The table of alcoholic drinks provides a range of alternatives, including 0% Lager, 4% Lager, and Prosecco, which all have significantly lower syn values.

In the end, while Sambuca might be a favoured tipple for some, it is high in syns. Remember, alcohol is an easy way to use up your syn allowance quickly without offering any nutritional benefits. Always drink responsibly and within your daily syn limits to maintain your balanced lifestyle.

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