How many syns are in Rum

Rum is a spirit adored by many for its deep, often sweet, and complex flavor profile. The fermented and distilled sugarcane product is not just a staple in tropical cocktails but also an intriguing sipping spirit that reveals a spectrum of taste and texture nuances. But if you’re watching your syns and working on balanced eating habits, you might be pondering – what is the syn value in your favourite rum?

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Rum, like any alcoholic beverage, carries a syn value that needs to be taken into account if you’re trying to maintain a balance in your intake. It’s important to bear in mind that while rum itself doesn’t contain any carbs, protein, or fat, all its calories – and thus its syns – come from the alcohol. Plus, the syn value can skyrocket depending on what you mix your rum with.

Rum Syn Values

Just before we delve into the specifics, on average, a 25ml serving of rum carries around 2.5 to 3 syns. This, however, depends on the brand and type of rum you opt for. For a detailed rundown, let’s look at the syn value chart.

BrandCalories per 100mlSyns per mlSyns per 25mlSyns per 35mlSyns per 50mlSyns per 100ml
Sailor Jerry153
Bacardi Carta Blanca2100.1052.633.685.2510.5
Red Leg2160.1082.73.785.410.8
Lamb's Navy2170.1092.723.815.4510.9
Dead Man's Fingers2200.112.753.855.511.0
Wray and Nephew2220.1112.783.895.5511.1
Appleton Estate2220.1112.783.895.5511.1
Mount Gay2220.1112.783.895.5511.1
Captain Morgan2240.1122.83.925.611.2
Havana Club2230.1122.83.925.611.2
Ron Santiago De Cuba Anejo2240.1122.83.925.611.2

From Sailor Jerry to Captain Morgan and many in between, the syn values can vary, showing that not all rums are created equal when it comes to syns. The lowest syn value per 25ml shot can be found in Sailor Jerry, with just 1.92 syns, while several brands, including Captain Morgan, Havana Club, and Ron Santiago De Cuba Anejo, come up top with 2.80 syns for the same measure.

When we consider a larger serving of 50ml, the range of syn values expands. The lowest syn value in this case remains with Sailor Jerry at 3.85 syns, while those rums at the top end carry a syn value of 5.60 for 50ml.


Is Rum Worth the Syns?

This brings us to the crucial question, is rum worth the syns? If you’re a rum lover, it can be an enjoyable part of your syn allowance. When compared to other similar spirits such as vodka, gin, and whiskey, which sit around the same syn range, it’s evident that there isn’t a massive difference among these options.

However, remember that it’s not just the rum you need to consider; it’s also what you’re mixing it with. A rum and diet coke, for example, won’t add any more syns, but a rum and regular coke can significantly increase your syn value. So, while rum might not be a low-syn drink, it’s certainly on par with other spirits.

Like with any part of your diet, it’s all about balance. If you fancy a rum now and then, you can certainly factor it into your syn allowance. Remember, syns are there to be used and enjoyed. So, here’s to a balanced enjoyment of life’s pleasures – rum included!

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