How many syns are in Ricicles

Introducing Ricicles cereal – a lesser-known yet distinctive choice among cereal enthusiasts, boasting a cult following. Unlike some cereals that fall into the category of healthy breakfast options, Ricicles doesn’t hold a spot as a Slimming World healthy extra B. Though not commonly found in all supermarkets, its unique taste and texture have attracted a devoted fan base. Let’s explore the details of this cereal, its nutritional aspects, and whether it fits within your dietary preferences and allowances.

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Ricicles Syn Values

Ricicles cereal has a syn value of 0.19 per gram. A 30g serving of Ricicles amounts to 5.8 syns, while a 45g portion stands at 8.6 syns. Unlike some other cereals, Ricicles does not fall under the Healthy Extra B category in the Slimming World plan.

Those considering Ricicles as part of their diet will want to take note of these syn values, especially if they are tracking their syn intake or looking for specific nutritional attributes. The unique flavor and texture of Ricicles make it a favored option among its cult following, despite its syn values.

Are Ricicles worth the syns?

When evaluating the worth of consuming Ricicles within your syn allowance, it’s essential to compare and contrast its syn value with other cereals. With a syn value of 0.19 per gram, a 30g serving of Ricicles amounts to 5.8 syns, and a 45g portion is 8.6 syns. These values place Ricicles in a similar range to cereals like Ready Brek, Weetos, and Corn Flakes, which also have a syn value of 0.19 per gram.

However, what sets Ricicles apart is its unique taste that has garnered a cult following. Unlike Healthy Extra B options such as Bran Flakes, Shredded Wheat, and Weetabix, Ricicles doesn’t carry a reputation for being a healthy breakfast option. Yet, for those who crave its distinctive flavor, the syn values might be justified.

In comparison to cereals sharing a similar syn value per serving, Ricicles holds its own, given its special appeal to a niche audience. If you are not strictly adhering to the Healthy Extra B allowance, Ricicles may fall within an acceptable range of syns per gram, making it a viable option for those who appreciate its unique characteristics.

The decision to include Ricicles in your diet may come down to personal taste preferences and dietary goals. If the flavor and texture of Ricicles appeal to you, it might be worth the syns, even though it doesn’t align with some of the more health-focused cereal options.

Whatever happened to Ricicles?

Kellogg’s Ricicles are quite an old school cereal which has been around since the 60s. Ricicles have always been seen as ‘frosted Rice Krispies’ in the same way that Frosties are essentially ‘frosted corn flakes’. Unfortunately, due to not being the most popular in Kellogg’s cereal range at the time and the announcement from George Osborne’s budget speech in 2016, it was discontinued in 2017 as it would have meant a price hike.

Essentially, Ricicles had too much sugar to be a viable and healthy product and as it was aimed at kids through their mascot Captain Rik, it was not going to last.

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