How many syns are in Pom Bears?

Pom Bears are a traditional kids snack, let’s be honest, but they are a good low syn snack since the crisps are thin and the bags are light. Pom Bears are not made by a well known and mainstream brand – Chio make them and they are a Dutch brand. Pom is commonly known as potato in other languages so the name is pretty much potato bears, which they are.

You will often find loose bags in play centres, soft play and so on but multipacks are out there. They also come in three flavours – ready salted (red), cheese & onion (green) and salt & vinegar (blue) – the red is the most popular by a country mile.

Despite being light, crisps are not generally healthy to kids and over the years Chio has strives to reduce the salt and oils, but what they done enough? How many syns is a bag of these delightful bears and how do they compare to other crisps if everything was made equal? Let’s find out.

Pom Bear Syn Values

A loose bag of Pom Bears weighs 19 grams and contains 96 calories. This means a bag of Pom Bears contains 4.8 syns. Multipacks contain 13g bags which contain 65 calories which equates to 3.25 syns.

In terms of syns per bag, Pom Bears are ranked 3rd, behind French Fries (4.6) and Yushoi Pea (4.5) and above Walkers Pops (5.1). If you want a low syn crisp Pom Bears are great but it is due to how few crisps are in a bag and how light the bag is, so be warned; we have more information on why this is significant below.

crisps syn values

Are the different flavours of Pom Bears better or worse?

Cheese and Onion flavour pom bears are 1 less calorie in a 13g bag and Salt and Vinegar has the exact same as ready salted. This means all flavours of Pom Bears contain the same amount of syns, as is usually with different crisp flavours.

Are Pom Bears Worth The Syns and Calories?

This is where it gets interesting, because most people would imagine Pom Bears are healthy crisps, considering they are aimed at children. But, when looking at syns per gram Pom Bears have 0.25 which places them 18th out of 32. This is a similar ratio to Doritos, Hoola Hoops, Transform-a-snacks and Tyrell’s. Therefore, Pom Bears calories and syns per bite is nothing special and towards the end of the league table – what makes them appear healthy is just the size of the bag!

Pom Bear’s SynScore is 61%, this is a representation of how much worse than the best rated crisp is – which is Wotsits.

So, if you just want to have a bag of crisps with the lease amount of syns then Pom Bears are a good choice (but you might find yourself still hungry), but if you want bang for your buck then there are plenty better choices out there!

Pom Bears Nutrition and Ingredients

pom bears nutrition

Dried Potato, Sunflower Oil (25%), Maize Starch, Potato Starch, Maize Dextrin, Sugar, Salt, Yeast Extract, Emulsifier: Mono-and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Paprika Powder.

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