How many syns are in Pimm’s

Pimm’s, the classic British summer cocktail, is a favourite for many, with its fruity and refreshing taste making it an ideal beverage for social gatherings and relaxed afternoons. Yet, when following a structured dietary plan, it’s essential to consider how Pimm’s fits into your daily syn allowance. This guide is designed to help you navigate through that, providing insights into the syn values of Pimm’s and offering tips on how to enjoy this beloved drink while still staying on track with your health goals.

Pimm’s Syn Values

Based on the data from our table, Pimm’s has 0.07 syns per milliliter and 6.8 syns per 100ml. This means that a typical 50ml serving of Pimm’s will contain around 3.5 syns, while a 100ml serving will have approximately 6.8 syns. When it comes to sharing jugs, a 200ml serving (usually part of an 800ml jug) will have around 13.6 syns for the whole jug.

While Pimm’s can be enjoyed with water for no additional syns, it’s important to note that mixers can significantly increase the syn count. For instance, adding lemonade or Coke classic to your Pimm’s will introduce additional syns, so it’s crucial to measure this independently and factor it into your total syn count.

However, there is a way to enjoy Pimm’s without significantly increasing the syns. Opt for calorie-free fizzy drinks as a mixer and add fruits for additional flavor. This approach allows you to enjoy the refreshing taste of Pimm’s while keeping the syns to a minimum.


Is Pimm’s worth the syns?

When considering if Pimm’s is worth the syns, it’s useful to compare it with similar drinks. In terms of syn value, Pimm’s is somewhat in the middle of the spectrum. With a syn score of 67, it ranks 13th on our table, which makes it less syn-intensive than spirits like gin, vodka, or rum, but more so than most wines and beers.

Pimm’s has fewer syns per milliliter than Malibu (0.09), Tequila (0.11), Vodka (0.11), Rum (0.11), and Gin (0.12). However, it has more syns per milliliter than Prosecco (0.03), Champagne (0.03-0.04), and Lager (0.02).

However, a significant factor to consider is how you typically consume Pimm’s. If you enjoy it in a large jug with lemonade and fruit, the syns can quickly add up, not just from the Pimm’s itself, but also from the added mixers. But if you choose to mix it with calorie-free fizzy drinks and some fresh fruits, you can significantly reduce the total syn count.

So, whether Pimm’s is worth the syns or not can largely depend on your preferred way of enjoying it, as well as how it fits into your overall syn allowance and dietary plan. For those who enjoy the unique taste of Pimm’s and are willing to make smart choices about mixers, Pimm’s can be a worth-it addition to a balanced and mindful drinking routine.

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