How Many Syns Are In Nik Naks?

Nik Naks are an unique crisps made by extruded corn and made by KP snacks since 1981. They are unique in terms of being made with corn (most are potato) and for their shape, texture and strong flavours. Interestingly, Nik Naks started as a cheesy crisp called crunchy Wotsits.

Nik Naks are my favourite brand of crisps, specifically the nice ‘n’ spicy flavour, the other two flavours don’t seem as popular except in multipacks. The big question is, however, is how low on syns are Nik Naks considering their bag sizes and how they are made with corn – how do they fare against other crisps in our league table? Let’s find out.

We will cover the bag sizes (45g grab bag, 20g multipack) and all three flavours – nice ‘n’ spicy, rib ‘n’ saucy and scampi ‘n’ lemon.

Nik Nak Syn Values

  • A 45g grab bag, which you would find with a meal deal, contains 255 calories. This means a 45g bag of Nik Naks is worth 12.8 syns.

This is a similar value to Walkers MAX, Real McCoy’s and Eat Real’s Hummus Chips. Big values in these packs.

  • A 20g bag of Nik Naks found in multipacks contains 113 calories. This means a 20g multipack bag of Nik Naks is worth 5.65 Syns.

5.65 syns is similar to French Fries, Yushoi Pea and Space Raiders.

All three flavours of Nik Naks contain the same amount of calories and therefore syns.

The syn per gram is 0.28 – is this good? Read on to find out if Nik Naks are worth the syns and the calories…

crisps syn values

Are Are Nik Naks worth the syns?

When it comes to syn management, they are yours to spend however you like. As 1 syn is 20 calories, it balances itself out no matter what you spend them on. If you’re looking for a treat and Nik Naks are your favourite then they are worth the syns because you enjoy them. But, if you’re clever with your syns and choose based on syns per gram then you could actually enjoy more food within that allowance.

With regards to that, Nik Naks are NOT worth the syns because a syns per gram ratio of 0.28 is very high, this means they are calorie dense. They are placed bottom of the low syn crisps league table, close to Eat Real Quinoa, Skips and Golden Wonder. They aren’t exactly healthy, either.

But like we said, they are full of flavour and provide a satisfying crunch – if you have the syns to spend then it doesn’t matter what you have BUT you could get better if you’re willing to compromise.

Nik Naks Nutrition and Ingredients

nik naks nutrition

Maize, Sunflower Oil (36%), Nice ‘N’ Spicy Flavour [Sugar, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavourings (contains Barley Malt Vinegar, Barley Malt Extract, Soya Sauce, Wheat Flour), Salt, Dried Onion, Acid: Citric Acid, Curry Powder (Spices, Rice Flour, Salt), Acid: Malic Acid, Spice, Colour: Paprika Extract, Spice Extracts, Garlic Extract].

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