How many syns are in Muller Bliss Yogurts

Indulge in a moment of pure bliss with Müller’s Bliss range of whipped Greek style yogurts. This delightful sub-brand from Müller offers a variety of flavors, each offering its unique twist on the creamy, luxurious texture of Greek yogurt. From Bliss Corner, with its fruit compote, to the decadent Cheesecake inspired range, Italian Mascarpone inspired variants, and the ultra-rich Bliss Creamy collection, there’s a treat to satisfy every craving. Each is designed to deliver a truly indulgent experience, making them the perfect choice for an after-dinner delight or a well-deserved treat. However, keep in mind that these indulgences come with their own ‘syn’ values which we’ll be exploring in this article. Let’s dive in to discover more about the syn values associated with each pot of Müller Bliss yogurt.

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Muller Bliss Whipped Greek Style Yoghurt Syn Values

Muller Bliss Corner Syn Values

The Muller Bliss Corner yogurts range from 0.0645 syns per gram to 0.0815, the syns per 100g range from 6.45 to 8.15, and the syns per pot (105g) range from 6.8 to 8.6. For specifics of each flavor, please view the table.

Muller Bliss Cheesecake Inspired Syn Values

The Muller Bliss Cheesecake Inspired yogurt has a syn value of 0.091 per gram, 9.1 syns per 100g, and 9.1 syns per pot (100g). For more details, please refer to the table.

Muller Bliss Mascarpone Syn Values

The Muller Bliss Mascarpone yogurts range from 0.0595 syns per gram to 0.0615, the syns per 100g range from 5.95 to 6.15, and the syns per pot range from 6.5 to 6.8 (110g) . For specifics of each flavor, please view the table.

Muller Bliss Creamy Syn Values

The Muller Bliss Creamy yogurts range from 0.0685 syns per gram to 0.069, the syns per 100g range from 6.85 to 6.9, and the syns per pot range from 29.1 to 29.3 (405g) . For specifics of each flavor, please view the table.

NameSyns per GramSyns per 100gSyns per PotCalories per 100gCalories Per Pot
Bliss Corner Strawberry0.06456.56.8129135
Bliss Corner Lemon0.08158.18.6163171
Bliss Corner Raspberry0.0656.56.8130136
Bliss Cheesecake Salted Caramel0.0919.19.1182182
Bliss Mascarpone Peach & Apricot0.06156.26.8123135
Bliss Mascarpone Cherry0.059566.5119130
Bliss Creamy Salted Caramel0.06856.929.1137582
Bliss Creamy Madagascan Vanilla0.0696.929.3138586

Are Muller Bliss yoghurts worth the syns?

Evaluating whether Müller Bliss Whipped Greek Style yogurts are worth the syns involves weighing the delicious taste and luxurious texture against their syn values. The syns per gram for this range of yogurts is extremely low, making them a great value in terms of indulgence per syn. As far as yoghurts go, they’re great.

The syns per pot in the Müller Bliss Corner and Mascarpone varieties are within a modest range, starting from 6.5 and reaching up to 8.6. This is comfortably within the average daily syn allowance, making these yogurts a feasible regular snack option.

However, while the Bliss Creamy versions offer an elevated level of indulgence, their syn values are quite high, reaching up to 29.3 per pot. This is primarily due to the larger serving size of these pots, rather than a significantly higher syn value per gram. If you’re a fan of these, you could consider consuming and weighing out a smaller portion to keep your syn count balanced.

So, in terms of syns per gram, the Müller whipped Greek yogurt syns offer a lot of ‘bang for your buck.’ However, mindful consumption, particularly with the larger Bliss Creamy pots, will ensure these indulgent yogurts fit comfortably within your diet plan.

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