How many syns are in Mug Shots?

When you’re committed to a diet plan, having quick, convenient, and low-syn choices available is crucial. Mug Shots, a popular brand of instant pasta and noodles, have become a favourite among those aiming to lose weight due to their ease of preparation and variety of flavours. But how do these handy meal options measure up when it comes to syn values? Are they a low-syn secret weapon or a hidden pitfall in your diet plan? This article breaks down the syn values of various Mug Shot flavours, helping you make informed decisions to support your weight loss journey. Remember, while Mug Shots can provide a fast and easy meal, syn values can differ greatly across flavours and types. Let’s delve into the details.

Mug Shots are no longer syn free.

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Mug Shot syn values

Mug Shots range from 0.04 syns per gram to 0.05 syns per gram, 3.5 syns per 100g to 5.3 syns per 100g, and 8.6 syns per portion to 14.1 syns per portion, depending on the flavour.

To truly understand the syn value of each Mug Shot product, we’ve compiled the data into the table below. The table includes values such as “Syns per gram” and “Syns per Serving,” among others.

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The “Syns per gram” value is essential to consider, as it shows how syn-dense each product is. The lower this number, the fewer syns you’re getting per gram of product, which is a good thing if you’re aiming to keep your syn intake low.

On the other hand, “Syns per Serving” represents the total syn value you’d consume in a single serving of the product – in this case, a pot or sachet of Mug Shot. This is a handy value for quick reference, as it helps you quickly calculate the syn value of your meal.

Please note that while Mug Shots are a convenient meal option, their syn values can vary quite significantly depending on the flavour and type. Check out the table below to find out how each Mug Shot measures up.

FlavourTypeSyns per gramSyns Per ServingSyns Per 100g
Macaroni CheesePasta0.053145.3
Original CurryNoodles0.050135.0
Cajun PastaPasta0.045124.5
Thai NoodlesNoodles0.044114.4
Roast Chicken PastaPasta0.043114.3
Chow Mein NoodlesNoodles0.0358.63.5
Sweet & Sour NoodlesNoodles0.049134.9
Chicken & Sweetcorn NoodlesNoodles0.041104.1
Creamy Cheese PastaPasta0.052145.2
Tomato & Herb PastaPasta0.049134.9
Chicken & Mushroom NoodlesNoodles0.051145.1

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Mug Shot Syns Findings

Analyzing the provided data, some interesting trends emerge. One of the key observations is the difference between the Pasta and Noodles types of Mug Shots. Generally, it appears that the Noodles variants tend to have lower syns per gram and per portion than the Pasta versions. This could make the Noodles versions a more attractive option for those watching their syn intake.

When considering individual flavours, the Macaroni Cheese and Creamy Cheese Pasta variants top the chart with the highest syns per portion at 14.1 and 14.0 respectively. On the other hand, the Chow Mein Noodles flavour stands out as the best option with the lowest syns per portion at 8.6.

It’s important to point out that the syn values per gram for all Mug Shots are quite low, ranging from 0.04 to 0.05. This is significantly lower than many high-sugar or high-fat foods like chocolates, making Mug Shots a relatively syn-friendly choice. However, it’s the weight of the product that contributes to the overall syn value per serving. Despite their low syns per gram, the portion sizes of Mug Shots can increase the total syns, which is an important consideration when incorporating them into your meal plan.

Are Mug Shots worth the syns?

The decision about whether Mug Shots are worth the syns largely depends on personal preference and how you choose to allocate your syns throughout the day. Some people might find the convenience and taste of Mug Shots worth the syn value, especially for a quick lunch or snack on the go, similar to pasta ‘n’ sauce, super noodles and pot noodles.

However, it’s worth noting that while pasta is typically syn-free, Mug Shots are not. This is largely due to the additional ingredients that contribute to the flavour and convenience of the product. In terms of portion size, Mug Shots are also larger than most snacks, which can contribute to their higher syn value.

Looking at the nutritional composition, the main ingredient in Mug Shots is dried pasta. However, they also contain a variety of other ingredients, including cheese powder, maltodextrin, palm oil, and various flavourings. While these ingredients contribute to the taste and texture of the product, they also add to the syn value.

It’s also worth noting that while Mug Shots do contain some protein and fibre from the pasta, they are not particularly high in these nutrients. Moreover, the added salt, sugars, and fats can contribute to their syn value.

In conclusion, while Mug Shots can be a handy and tasty option for a quick meal, they may not be the best choice for those who are looking to minimize their syn intake. As with any food choice, it’s important to consider both the syn value and the nutritional value of the food. In the end, the decision is yours on how to use your syns wisely.

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