How many syns are in McDonald’s Food

Indulging in fast food like McDonald’s is a delight! Those golden arches beckon, and yes, I’ve savored a Maccies meal while successfully shedding pounds. This article, born from personal experience and a love for McDonald’s, unveils the syn values of your favorite items. From burgers, wraps, and salads to breakfast treats, condiments, desserts, and sides, we’ve got it all covered. We get the allure of fast food, and knowing the syn values empowers you to enjoy guilt-free choices without compromising your diet goals. You can relish McDonald’s and still achieve your weight loss objectives – just like I did!

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Remember, while these syn values provide a guideline, the key is to find a balance that suits your lifestyle and nutritional needs. Now, let’s dive into the world of McDonald’s and explore the syn values of your favourite items!

How to use this data

Let’s clarify some key terms for a syn-based diet. “Syns Per Gram” indicates how many syns are in each gram of a food, helping compare similar items by syn density. “Syns Per Portion/Unit” is the total syns in a whole portion, useful for tracking. These values aid informed choices while enjoying your favorite foods. Now, let’s explore the McDonald’s menu and its syn values in a people-friendly way!

The below information was compiled from McDonald’s UK’s official menu and using a 1 syn per 20 calories rule. Accurate as of December 2023.

Simple Syns

How many syns are in McDonald’s Burgers?

mcdonalds burgers syn values
NameWeight (g)CaloriesSyns per gramSyns per burger
Quarter Pounder with Cheese122.45070.20725.35
Double Cheeseburger105.04380.20921.9
Vegetable Deluxe86.53610.20918.05
Mayo Chicken68.22850.20914.25
Bacon Mayo Chicken78.83320.21116.6
Bacon Double Cheeseburger114.64840.21124.2
Big Mac115.54930.21324.65
Triple Cheeseburger134.65780.21528.9
McChicken Sandwich85.93690.21518.45
Double McPlant135.75900.21729.5
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese167.37390.22136.95

Let me share a little secret about McDonald’s burgers. I absolutely love the Hamburger, and it’s a fantastic choice with just 12.55 syns. If you’re like me and have a 15-syn daily plan, it leaves you some syns to enjoy elsewhere. Now, the Cheeseburger is another favorite of mine, and it’s quite reasonable at 14.9 syns.

But here’s the real deal, if you’ve got a 20-syn allowance, you might want to try the Mayo Chicken at 14.25 syns or the Bacon Mayo Chicken at 16.6 syns. They give you some room for other syn-containing treats.

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Now, let’s talk about the heavy hitters! The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese is a real indulgence at 36.95 syns. The Double McPlant and the Triple Cheeseburger are also pretty high at 29.5 and 28.9 syns, respectively. Enjoy them sparingly, and always keep track of your daily syns.

How many syns are in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and Selects

mcdonalds chicken syns
NameCaloriesWeight (g)Syns per gramSyns per singleSyns per serving
4 Veggie Dippers321710.2254.0116
6 Piece Chicken McNuggets261530.2462.1813
12 Halloumi Fries Sharebox6981420.2472.9135
4 Halloumi Fries233470.2472.9111.65
20 Piece Chicken McNuggets Sharebox8691740.2492.1743
9 Piece Chicken McNuggets391780.2512.1719.5
5 Chicken Selects5991160.2575.9930
3 Chicken Selects359700.2585.9818

Let’s dive into the world of McDonald’s sides and bites. The syn values per item and per serving show that even these treats can quickly add up.

Starting with the syn-friendliest options, the 4 Veggie Dippers come in at 4.01 syns each or 16.05 per serving. If you’re a halloumi lover, the 4 Halloumi Fries have 2.91 syns per item or 11.65 per serving.

Now, on the higher end, the 20 Piece Chicken McNuggets Sharebox tops the list at 43.45 syns per serving. The 5 Chicken Selects follow closely with 29.95 syns per serving.

To strike a balance, consider the 6 Piece Chicken McNuggets or 4 Halloumi Fries. Just remember to keep an eye on your overall syn count for the meal.

How many syns are in McDonald’s fries/chips?

syns in mcdonalds fries

A trip to McDonald’s often includes their famous fries. Based on our findings, McDonald’s fries have a syn value of 0.24 per gram, totaling 11.85 syns for a small portion. Medium and large servings have higher syn values, up to 22.2 syns. As someone who enjoys fries with my meal, I’ve found that a small portion can be accommodated within my daily syn allowance with careful planning. However, larger sizes may require adjustments to my daily eating plan. It’s crucial to be mindful of these syn values, especially when combined with other menu items.

How many syns are on the McDonald’s breakfast menu

how many syns are on mcdonalds breakfast menu
NameCaloriesWeight (g)Syns per gramSyns per unit
Apple & Grape Fruit Bag4622.20.102.3
Porridge with Lyle's Golden Syrup21775.30.1410.85
Porridge with Strawberry Jam19363.30.159.65
Pancakes & Syrup477156.30.1524
Pancakes & Sausage with Syrup612182.50.1730.5
Muffin with Jam21461.80.1710.7
Flahavan's Quick Oats19454.90.189.7
Bacon Roll with Brown Sauce33686.70.1916.8
Bacon Roll with Tomato Ketchup33284.80.2016.6
Cheesy Bacon Flatbread27865.80.2114
Breakfast Roll with Brown Sauce500117.70.2125.0
Breakfast Roll with Ketchup496116.50.2124.8
Egg & Cheese McMuffin29566.50.2214.7
Bacon & Egg McMuffin33574.90.2216.7
Double Egg Bacon & Egg McMuffin37682.30.2318.8
Sausage & Egg McMuffin42391.50.2321
Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin551116.70.2427
Hash Brown12724.10.266.3

Starting your day with McDonald’s breakfast can be a treat. Personally, I often enjoyed it before a long drive. But it’s crucial to be mindful of syn values. The Apple & Grape Fruit Bag is the lightest option at just 2.3 syns. Porridges with Lyle’s Golden Syrup or Strawberry Jam offer more filling options with 10.85 and 9.65 syns respectively. For something heartier, the Pancakes & Sausage with Syrup has 30.6 syns, and the Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin has 27.55 syns. The Hash Brown is a surprise with 6.35 syns. In summary, consider syn values when planning your day, especially with higher syn items.

How many syns are in McDonalds’s Desserts?

syns in mcdonalds desserts
NameCalories in 100gSyns per gramMini SynsRegular SynsRegular CaloriesMini Calories
Smarties McFlurry2710.146.8513.65273137
Maltesers McFlurry2780.146.6513.3266133
Wispa McFlurry2790.149.017.95359180
Oreo McFlurry2810.146.4512.9258129
Wispa Gold McFlurry2820.148.917.8356178
Mixed Berry Muffin3230.16-14.9298-
Triple Chocolate Cookie3430.17-16.0320-
Chocolate Brownie3490.17-15.8316-
Millionaire's Donut4030.20-13.6272-
Sugar Donut4110.21-9.75195-
Apple Pie4280.21-12.15243-

McDonald’s desserts, like McFlurry, are loved by many but often high in syn values due to sugar. Mini Smarties McFlurry and Mini Maltesers McFlurry have the lowest syns at 6.85 and 6.65, suitable for a sweet treat. Regular Oreo McFlurry with 12.9 syns is a modest choice. However, Wispa McFlurry and Wispa Gold McFlurry have high syns at 17.95 and 17.8. Pastries like Triple Chocolate Cookie and Chocolate Brownie carry 16 and 15.8 syns per unit. Donuts and pies, including Millionaire’s Donut, Sugar Donut, and Apple Pie, also have considerable syn values. Enjoy desserts occasionally while tracking syns within your allowance.

How many syns are in McDonald’s wraps and salads?

syns in mcdonalds wraps and salads
NameCaloriesWeight (g)Syns per gramSyns Per Serving
Grilled Chicken Salad11834.90.175.9
The Garlic Mayo Chicken One - Grilled33289.90.1816.6
The Sweet Chilli Chicken One - Grilled32084.40.1916
Grilled Chicken and Bacon Salad16443.00.198
The Spicy Veggie One36594.70.1918
The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One - Grilled34489.10.1917
Crispy Chicken Salad27462.60.2214
The Sweet Chilli Chicken One - Crispy469107.10.2223
The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One - Crispy493112.50.2224
Crispy Chicken and Bacon Salad32072.10.2216
The Garlic Mayo Chicken One - Crispy481102.50.2324
Side Salad776.550.593.8

The syn values for McDonald’s salads and wraps can vary significantly. The Grilled Chicken Salad is the lowest at 5.9 syns, while crispy options like the Garlic Mayo Chicken One – Crispy can go as high as 24.05 syns per serving. Even seemingly healthy choices like the Crispy Chicken and Bacon Salad have 16 syns per serving, so it’s important to choose wisely to stay within your daily syn allowance.

How many syns are in McDonald’s Cold Drinks and Milkshakes?

syns in mcdonalds drinks
NameCalories per 100mlSyns per 100mlSyns in Small (250ml)Syns in Regular (400ml)Syns in Large (500ml)
Robinsons Fruit Shoot40.20.5N/AN/A
Fanta Orange191.02.43.85
Tropicana Orange Juice402.05.0N/AN/A
Coca-Cola Classic42.
Mango and Pineapple Smoothie452.3N/A9.011
Organic Milk50.02.56.3N/AN/A
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade502.5N/A10.112.6
Caramel Iced Frappe804.0N/A16.020
Strawberry Milkshake894.511.117.822
Banana Milkshake894.511.217.922
Chocolate Milkshake914.611.418.223
Vanilla Milkshake914.611.418.323
Coca-Cola Zero SugarSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn Free
Diet CokeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn Free
Sprite ZeroSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn Free

McDonald’s beverage options can vary in syn values. Some drinks like Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke, and Sprite Zero are syn-free. However, milkshakes, especially large sizes, have high syn values, with the Vanilla Milkshake at the top with 22.9 syns for a large. Small-sized options like the Robinsons Fruit Shoot have lower syn counts, but it’s important to be mindful of the syn values as these beverages offer little nutritional value and can use up your daily syn allowance quickly as they often did with me.

How many syns in McDonald’s McCafe

syns in mcdonalds mccafe
NameSyns RegularSyns LargeCalories RegularCalories Large
Iced Latte5.26.5104130
Strawberries & Cream Frappe11.314.6227293
Toffee Latte9.311.6187232
Flat White4.30.086
White Coffee2.73.75474
Black Coffee0.30.468
Espresso Single0.050.112
Hot Chocolate8.611.5173231

This table presents the syn values and calorie counts for McDonald’s hot drinks. The Espresso Single has the lowest syns at 0.05 for a regular and 0.1 for a large. Black Coffee and Tea have slightly higher syns when larger. However, it’s important to note that these values for tea apply without milk or sugar.

The Strawberries & Cream Frappe has the highest syn value, with 11.35 for a regular and 14.65 for a large. The Toffee Latte and Hot Chocolate also have high syn values. Calorie counts follow a similar pattern.

These variations emphasize the importance of making informed choices based on your syn allowance and dietary goals.

Can you save up your syns for a McDonald’s meal?

Yes, it’s possible to save up syns for a McDonald’s meal when following Slimming World. By consuming syn-free or very low syn foods leading up to the meal, you can create a “syn bank” to use for your McDonald’s treat. I would be keeping records on my phone throughout the day.

For example, if you save your full 15-20 syn allowance for a few days, you can have extra syns to spend at McDonald’s. However, be mindful that McDonald’s meals can be high in syns, so plan your choices wisely, consider lower syn options, and maintain balance to achieve your weight management goals.

Is there such a thing as a low syn McDonald’s?

Finding low-syn options at McDonald’s can be challenging due to the high syn values of most menu items. While salads have lower syn values, they may not align with the typical McDonald’s experience. Additionally, considering cost and nutrition, preparing low-syn foods at home might be a better choice. Frequent McDonald’s visits may lead to exceeding your daily syn allowance, so moderation is important, but occasional indulgence is acceptable without derailing progress.

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