How many syns are in McDonald’s Food

Fast food – it’s convenient, it’s tasty, and sometimes it’s just what you crave. McDonald’s, with its globally recognizable golden arches, is a go-to choice for many when the fast-food craving hits. But when you’re following a syn-based diet plan, you may wonder how this choice aligns with your goals. Fear not! Our comprehensive guide to the syn values in McDonald’s food is here to help.

This article aims to make your McDonald’s experience a little easier and guilt-free, by breaking down the syn values of its most popular items. From classic burgers, wraps and salads, to the breakfast menu, condiments, desserts, and sides – we’ve got you covered. We understand that while the convenience of fast food can be enticing, being aware of the syn values can help you make informed choices without derailing your diet plan.

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Remember, while these syn values provide a guideline, the key is to find a balance that suits your lifestyle and nutritional needs. Now, let’s dive into the world of McDonald’s and explore the syn values of your favourite items!

How to use this data

It’s essential to understand some of the key terms we use throughout this guide, especially if you’re new to a syn-based diet.

Syns Per Gram: This refers to the syn value of a food item per gram. It helps to gauge how ‘syn-dense’ a food item is. In other words, it gives an indicator of how many syns are packed into each gram of that food. This is particularly useful when comparing similar food items. For example, two different burgers may have the same total syns, but if one is significantly heavier (i.e., it contains more grams), then it has fewer syns per gram, making it a less ‘syn-dense’ choice.

Syns Per Portion/Unit: This is the total number of syns in a whole portion or unit of a food item. It gives a clear and straightforward number that can be directly entered into your syn diary. It’s useful for understanding the total syn impact of consuming an entire item or portion.

Remember, understanding these values helps to make informed decisions that align with your dietary goals while still allowing you to enjoy your favourite foods. Now, let’s jump into the McDonald’s menu and its syn values!

How many syns are in McDonald’s Burgers?

mcdonalds burgers syn values
NameWeight (g)CaloriesSyns per gramSyns per burger
Quarter Pounder with Cheese122.45070.20725.35
Double Cheeseburger105.04380.20921.9
Vegetable Deluxe86.53610.20918.05
Mayo Chicken68.22850.20914.25
Bacon Mayo Chicken78.83320.21116.6
Bacon Double Cheeseburger114.64840.21124.2
Big Mac115.54930.21324.65
Triple Cheeseburger134.65780.21528.9
McChicken Sandwich85.93690.21518.45
Double McPlant135.75900.21729.5
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese167.37390.22136.95

Based on the data, the burger with the lowest syn value per burger at McDonald’s is the Hamburger, coming in at 12.55 syns. This would be an excellent choice for someone with a daily syn allowance of 15 as it leaves room for other foods. The Cheeseburger is not far behind at 14.9 syns, still suitable for a 15 syns per day plan, though it leaves little room for other syn-containing items.

For those with a syn allowance of 20, the Mayo Chicken at 14.25 syns or the Bacon Mayo Chicken at 16.6 syns could be suitable choices, leaving some room for additional syns in your day.

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However, some burgers are extremely high in syns. The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese stands out as the highest at a whopping 36.95 syns, exceeding even a 20-syn daily allowance. Similarly, the Double McPlant is high at 29.5 syns, and the Triple Cheeseburger at 28.9 syns – both would consume a significant portion of your syn allowance for the day.

Remember that while burgers can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, they are syn-dense foods, meaning they contain a high number of syns relative to their weight. It’s essential to account for them accurately in your daily syns tally to ensure you’re staying on track with your weight management goals.

How many syns are in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and Selects

mcdonalds chicken syns
NameCaloriesWeight (g)Syns per gramSyns per singleSyns per serving
4 Veggie Dippers321710.2254.0116
6 Piece Chicken McNuggets261530.2462.1813
12 Halloumi Fries Sharebox6981420.2472.9135
4 Halloumi Fries233470.2472.9111.65
20 Piece Chicken McNuggets Sharebox8691740.2492.1743
9 Piece Chicken McNuggets391780.2512.1719.5
5 Chicken Selects5991160.2575.9930
3 Chicken Selects359700.2585.9818

In this table, we see a variety of McDonald’s sides and smaller bites, ranging from veggie dippers to halloumi fries and Chicken McNuggets. The syn values here, calculated both per item and per serving, reveal that even these side dishes can quickly eat into your daily allowance.

Among the options, the 4 Veggie Dippers are the most syn-friendly per item, with a syn value of 4.01 for a single dipper, or 16.05 per serving. However, if you’re a fan of halloumi, you could consider the 4 Halloumi Fries, which have a syn value of 2.91 per single item and 11.65 per serving.

On the other end of the scale, we have the 20 Piece Chicken McNuggets Sharebox, which has the highest syn value at a hefty 43.45 per serving. The 5 Chicken Selects are not far behind, carrying a syn value of 29.95 per serving.

For those who want to balance their syn count while still enjoying their favorite snacks, the 6 Piece Chicken McNuggets or 4 Halloumi Fries might be good options. However, as always, be mindful of the total syn value of your entire meal.

How many syns are in McDonald’s fries/chips?

syns in mcdonalds fries

A visit to McDonald’s often conjures images of deliciously crispy, golden fries. However, like most fast food, McDonald’s fries can carry a significant syn value, which should be factored into your daily allowance if you’re following a dietary plan.

According to our analysis, McDonald’s fries have a syn value of 0.24 per gram, which translates to a total of 11.85 syns for a small portion. If you opt for a medium or large serving, the syn values increase to 16.85 and 22.2 respectively. While this might not seem like a huge amount, keep in mind that these values are for the fries alone and can quickly add up when combined with other menu items.

In conclusion, while McDonald’s fries may be a tempting side, it’s essential to keep track of their syn values. A small portion could fit into your daily allowance with some careful planning, but a large serving might require more significant adjustment to your eating plan for the day. The choice is yours!

How many syns are on the McDonald’s breakfast menu

how many syns are on mcdonalds breakfast menu
NameCaloriesWeight (g)Syns per gramSyns per unit
Apple & Grape Fruit Bag4622.20.102.3
Porridge with Lyle's Golden Syrup21775.30.1410.85
Porridge with Strawberry Jam19363.30.159.65
Pancakes & Syrup477156.30.1524
Pancakes & Sausage with Syrup612182.50.1730.5
Muffin with Jam21461.80.1710.7
Flahavan's Quick Oats19454.90.189.7
Bacon Roll with Brown Sauce33686.70.1916.8
Bacon Roll with Tomato Ketchup33284.80.2016.6
Cheesy Bacon Flatbread27865.80.2114
Breakfast Roll with Brown Sauce500117.70.2125.0
Breakfast Roll with Ketchup496116.50.2124.8
Egg & Cheese McMuffin29566.50.2214.7
Bacon & Egg McMuffin33574.90.2216.7
Double Egg Bacon & Egg McMuffin37682.30.2318.8
Sausage & Egg McMuffin42391.50.2321
Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin551116.70.2427
Hash Brown12724.10.266.3

Starting your day with McDonald’s breakfast menu could be a treat, but it’s essential to be mindful of the syn values associated with each item.

The Apple & Grape Fruit Bag is the lightest option on the breakfast menu with a mere 2.3 syns per serving, while porridges with Lyle’s Golden Syrup or Strawberry Jam offer a more filling option with 10.85 and 9.65 syns respectively.

The Pancakes & Sausage with Syrup packs the highest punch with 30.6 syns per serving, followed by the Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin at 27.55 syns. The Hash Brown, a favourite side dish, carries a syn value of 6.35 per unit, which might surprise some given its relatively small size.

In the sandwich category, the syn values range from 13.9 for the Cheesy Bacon Flatbread to 25 for the Breakfast Roll with Brown Sauce. The McMuffin variations also carry a considerable syn value, with the Double Egg Bacon & Egg McMuffin and the Sausage & Egg McMuffin tallying up to 18.8 and 21.15 syns respectively.

In summary, while the McDonald’s breakfast menu offers a variety of tasty options, it’s crucial to consider the syn values when planning your day. Some items can fit comfortably within a 15-20 syn allowance with careful planning, while others may require a bit more caution due to their higher syn values.

How many syns are in McDonalds’s Desserts?

syns in mcdonalds desserts
NameCalories in 100gSyns per gramMini SynsRegular SynsRegular CaloriesMini Calories
Smarties McFlurry2710.146.8513.65273137
Maltesers McFlurry2780.146.6513.3266133
Wispa McFlurry2790.149.017.95359180
Oreo McFlurry2810.146.4512.9258129
Wispa Gold McFlurry2820.148.917.8356178
Mixed Berry Muffin3230.16-14.9298-
Triple Chocolate Cookie3430.17-16.0320-
Chocolate Brownie3490.17-15.8316-
Millionaire's Donut4030.20-13.6272-
Sugar Donut4110.21-9.75195-
Apple Pie4280.21-12.15243-

Desserts such as McFlurry are often a beloved part of the McDonald’s menu, however, they can be quite high in syn values due to their sugar content. Given that the majority of the desserts hover around a syn value of 0.14 to 0.21 per gram, they are relatively higher in syns compared to most items on the main McDonald’s menu.

In terms of the least syn-heavy options, the Mini Smarties McFlurry and Mini Maltesers McFlurry take the cake with 6.85 and 6.65 syns respectively. These could be suitable for those looking for a sweet treat without consuming an entire day’s worth of syns. The Regular Oreo McFlurry, with 12.9 syns, is also a more modest choice when compared to other regular sized desserts.

On the other hand, certain items, such as the Wispa McFlurry and Wispa Gold McFlurry, stand out as having significantly higher syn values, with 17.95 and 17.8 syns for the regular versions respectively. Pastries and baked goods also carry a higher syn value. The Triple Chocolate Cookie and Chocolate Brownie, for instance, carry syn values of 16 and 15.8 per unit. These are best enjoyed in moderation.

The menu’s donuts and pies, while delicious, carry considerable syn values as well. The Millionaire’s Donut has a syn value of 13.6, the Sugar Donut clocks in at 9.75, and the Apple Pie stands at 12.15 syns per unit.

In conclusion, while McDonald’s desserts offer a delightful end to a meal, they should ideally be enjoyed as an occasional treat due to their higher syn values. Whether they come in mini or regular sizes, it’s crucial to account for these values in the day’s total syn allowance.

How many syns are in McDonald’s wraps and salads?

syns in mcdonalds wraps and salads
NameCaloriesWeight (g)Syns per gramSyns Per Serving
Grilled Chicken Salad11834.90.175.9
The Garlic Mayo Chicken One - Grilled33289.90.1816.6
The Sweet Chilli Chicken One - Grilled32084.40.1916
Grilled Chicken and Bacon Salad16443.00.198
The Spicy Veggie One36594.70.1918
The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One - Grilled34489.10.1917
Crispy Chicken Salad27462.60.2214
The Sweet Chilli Chicken One - Crispy469107.10.2223
The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One - Crispy493112.50.2224
Crispy Chicken and Bacon Salad32072.10.2216
The Garlic Mayo Chicken One - Crispy481102.50.2324
Side Salad776.550.593.8

This table provides an insightful overview of the syn values associated with different salads and wraps at McDonald’s. A key takeaway is that even salads can be high in syns, and the ‘crispy’ options invariably contain more syns.

For example, the Grilled Chicken Salad has the lowest syn value of 5.9 per serving, while the Side Salad surprisingly has more syns at 3.85, despite its lower calorie count. This is due to the higher syn per gram value.

On the flip side, the highest syn values are found in the ‘crispy’ menu items. The Garlic Mayo Chicken One – Crispy tops the list with a syn value of 24.05 per serving. Other high syn ‘crispy’ options include The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One – Crispy and The Sweet Chilli Chicken One – Crispy with syn values of 24.65 and 23.45 per serving, respectively.

Even the healthiest-sounding option, the Crispy Chicken and Bacon Salad, comes in with a syn value of 16 per serving, which can make a considerable dent in your daily syn allowance.

The message is clear: be mindful of your choices, as even the salads can be high in syns, especially when the ingredients include crispy chicken or bacon. Slimming World and Maccies can mix, but it’s an uneasy alliance.

How many syns are in McDonald’s Cold Drinks and Milkshakes?

syns in mcdonalds drinks
NameCalories per 100mlSyns per 100mlSyns in Small (250ml)Syns in Regular (400ml)Syns in Large (500ml)
Robinsons Fruit Shoot40.20.5N/AN/A
Fanta Orange191.02.43.85
Tropicana Orange Juice402.05.0N/AN/A
Coca-Cola Classic42.
Mango and Pineapple Smoothie452.3N/A9.011
Organic Milk50.02.56.3N/AN/A
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade502.5N/A10.112.6
Caramel Iced Frappe804.0N/A16.020
Strawberry Milkshake894.511.117.822
Banana Milkshake894.511.217.922
Chocolate Milkshake914.611.418.223
Vanilla Milkshake914.611.418.323
Coca-Cola Zero SugarSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn Free
Diet CokeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn Free
Sprite ZeroSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn FreeSyn Free

In this table, we take a look at the syn values for various beverages offered at McDonald’s. The first step was to normalize all drinks to their calorie content per 100ml, which allows us to accurately compare their syn values.

Among the list, three drinks stand out as syn-free: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke, and Sprite Zero. This means they can be enjoyed without contributing to your daily syn count.

On the opposite end, the milkshakes and the Caramel Iced Frappe contain the highest syn values. The Vanilla Milkshake tops the list with a syn value of 22.9 for a large size (500ml), followed closely by the Chocolate Milkshake and Banana Milkshake with syn values of 22.8 and 22.3 respectively for the same large size.

For those who prefer a small-sized beverage, the syn values vary significantly. The Robinsons Fruit Shoot offers the lowest syn count at 0.5 for a 250ml serving, while the small Strawberry Milkshake weighs in with a hefty syn value of 11.1.

Beverages such as the Oasis, Fanta Orange, and Tropicana Orange Juice present mid-range syn values.

Remember, while these beverages might be a tasty part of your meal, they offer little to no nutritional value and can quickly use up your daily syn allowance.

How many syns in McDonald’s McCafe

syns in mcdonalds mccafe
NameSyns RegularSyns LargeCalories RegularCalories Large
Iced Latte5.26.5104130
Strawberries & Cream Frappe11.314.6227293
Toffee Latte9.311.6187232
Flat White4.30.086
White Coffee2.73.75474
Black Coffee0.30.468
Espresso Single0.050.112
Hot Chocolate8.611.5173231

This table provides an overview of the syns and calories found in McDonald’s hot drinks menu. The beverage with the least syns is the Espresso Single, having only 0.05 syns for a regular size and 0.1 for a large. Black Coffee and Tea follow closely behind, with each having 0.3 syns for a regular size and 0.4 and 0.6 syns respectively for a large size. It’s important to note, however, that these values for tea are only applicable if you have it without milk or sugar.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Strawberries & Cream Frappe tops the list with the highest syn value, being 11.35 for a regular and 14.65 for a large. The Toffee Latte and Hot Chocolate also have high syn values.

Calorie-wise, the beverages largely follow the same trend. The Espresso Single is the least calorie-dense, with the regular size containing only 1 calorie and the large containing 2. On the other hand, the Strawberries & Cream Frappe contains the most calories with 227 in a regular and 293 in a large.

When considering both syns and calories, it’s clear that while McDonald’s offers a range of hot drinks, their nutritional content can vary significantly. Therefore, it’s crucial to make an informed decision based on your syn allowance and dietary goals.

Can you save up your syns for a McDonald’s meal?

While McDonald’s food may be high in syns, it’s important to remember that eating at fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s can still be part of a balanced eating plan when approached thoughtfully. For those following Slimming World with an allowance of 15-20 syns per day, indulging in a McDonald’s meal can indeed be possible, but it does require some planning and discipline.

The trick is to save up your syns in advance. This means eating syn-free or very low syn foods for a few days leading up to your McDonald’s meal. Choosing foods from the free food list or from your Healthy Extras A and B allowances can help you keep your syn count low during these days.

This type of ‘syn banking’ allows you to indulge in a higher syn meal occasionally. For example, if you eat mainly syn-free foods for two days, saving your full 15-20 syn allowance each day, you’d have an extra 30-40 syns to use on your McDonald’s treat.

However, it’s crucial to consider that McDonald’s meals can be very high in syns, especially when adding in sides and drinks. A full meal could easily exceed your daily allowance, even if you’ve saved up. It’s best to plan your meal wisely, perhaps choosing lower syn options where possible and considering whether every element of the meal is worth the syns.

Remember, indulging occasionally can make a slimming plan more sustainable in the long run, but the key is moderation. Saving up syns for a McDonald’s meal could be a great treat after a week or so of eating cleanly, but this shouldn’t become a frequent habit. It’s about finding the right balance that works for you and helps you reach your weight management goals.

Is there such a thing as a low syn McDonald’s?

Upon evaluating the various categories of food offered by McDonald’s, it’s apparent that finding a low-syn option is a challenge. Most items on the menu, from burgers and fries to drinks and desserts, carry a hefty syn value per gram, making it difficult to fit them within a daily allowance without significant sacrifice.

The items that do have relatively lower syn values, such as the salads, aren’t what people typically go to McDonald’s to enjoy. Furthermore, when considering the cost and nutritional value, it’s arguably more beneficial to prepare such low-syn foods at home where one has full control over the ingredients and portion sizes.

In conclusion, while McDonald’s can be an enjoyable indulgence, it’s not the best destination for those strictly following a low-syn diet. The high syn values associated with most of their popular items, coupled with the lack of traditional McDonald’s options in the low-syn range, mean that frequent visits may lead to exceeding your syn allowance more often than not. As always, moderation is key and treating yourself occasionally shouldn’t derail your overall progress.

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