How many syns are in Hoola Hoops?

Hoola Hoops by KP snacks have a huge USP in their unique hollow cylinder shape which many believe to make them tastier. The famous hoops offer a satisfying crunch and a shape people can actually interact with such as with Pringles and Transform-a-snax. Outside of the shape, they’re nothing special with the same general ingredients as most other crisps on the UK market.

They come in 24g multipack bags (previously 25g) or 34g grab bags (meal deals). The variety of flavours includes BBQ Beef, cheese and onion, original (ready salted), roast chicken, salt and vinegar and smoky bacon.

That being said, they are still extremely popular around the world as a light snack in a lunchbox, on their own or even poured into a big bowl at parties.

But, how do Hoola Hoops compare with other crisps on the market? Are they better, worse or average in terms of syns per bag? Let’s find out.

Hoola Hoop Syn Values

  • A 24g bag of Hoola Hoops contains 120 calories. This means a 24g bag of Hoola Hoops is worth 6 syns.

This is a similar value to Space Raiders.

  • A 34g grab bag of Hoola Hoops contains 170 calories. This means a 34g bag of Hoola Hoops is worth 8.5 syns.

This is similar to Walkers Classic, Golden Wonder and Squares.

All flavours of Hoola Hoops contain the same amount of calories and therefore, syns.

Crisps vary in their sizes and comparing syns based on this doesn’t tell you if what’s in the bag is worth the syns. To find that out we turn to syns per gram, which is 0.25 for Hoola Hoops. How does this compare with other crisps? Let’s find out.

crisps syn values

Are Hoola Hoops worth the syns?

1 syn is 20 calories no matter what crisp you go for. Ultimately, you should spend your syns on what you love because that is the whole point of them. That being said, a ratio of 0.25 syns per gram isn’t great and similar to Sensations, Monster Munch and Space Raiders. Not exactly the healthiest bunch.

At 0.25, this places Hoola Hoops 16th out of 32, dead centre but a SynScore of 57% – this means they are 57% worse than the least calorie dense crisp. See the full list to find the winner.

Hoola Hoops Nutrition and Ingredients

hoola hoops nutrition

Potato (Potato Starch & Dried Potato), Sunflower Oil (24%), Rice Flour, Maize Flour, Salt, Potassium Chloride.

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