How Many Syns Are In French Fries Crisps

Walkers are the kings of UK crisps with French Fries offering their customers a different experience to classic disc shaped crisps. French Fries are essentially chips in crisp format with salt and vinegar being the most popular flavour. They’re thin and crunchy which gives the impression of lower fats and sugars – but is that the case?

They are often marketed as being under a certain calorie per pack and the bags they come in are often small – multipack bags being 18g and loose bags being 21g – grab bags are usually over 30g. They also come in ready salted, cheese and onion and Worcester sauce.

We’ve compared French Fries with 31 other crisps and compared their syn values, calories and syns per gram. Want to find out more? Read on.

Walkers French Fries Syn Values

  • A 21g bag of French Fries contains 92 calories. This means a 21g bag of French Fries is worth 4.6 syns

This is a comparable amount to Pom Bears, and Yushoi Pea. This is a relatively low amount (the bag is small) and they are indeed low syn crisps.

  • An 18g bag of French Fries contains 78 calories. This means a 18g multipack bag of French Fries is worth 3.9 syns.

ALL flavours of French Fries contain the exact same syns and calories.

This is one of the lowest syn crisps in the table, but the bags are small which can often be misleading… or does it? Read on to find out what the syns per gram is and whether or not Walkers French Fries are with your syns.

crisps syn values

Are French Fries worth the syns?

We always say that your syns are yours to spend on what you like the most and stay within the allowance, if French Fries are your absolute favourite crisps then yes, they are worth it to you. But, we have also done the maths to which balances all crisps as if they all weighed the same – the syns per gram and the SynScore. How does French Fries compare against their peers?

Very well, in fact. French Fries have 0.22 syns per gram, only beaten by Wotsits and Yushoi Pea. They are equal with Walkers Baked and Squares – two other Walkers crisps. This places French Fries 4th best out of 31 crisps which is excellent!

They are worth it in terms of efficiency and if you also love them then that’s a bonus.

French Fries Nutrition and Ingredients

french fries nutrition

Potato Granules, Potato Starch, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate), Colour (Annatto Norbixin).

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