How many syns are in Eat Real Quinoa Chips

As someone who has a vegan partner, I’ve eaten my fair share of Quinoa chips and you know what, they’re not bad at all and certainly healthier than potato or corn based crisps. OK, so they’re a little bit bland but they do not leave you feeling too yucky if you overdo them a bit. Anyway, I digress.

Sour Cream and Chive and sun dried tomato are the only flavours, as the other flavours are made with Hummus or Lentils. But, you do get the choice of a 80g bag or a 22g multipack bag.

Considering Quinoa chips are meant to be all natural and a healthier alternative does this translate into a low syn crisp? Let’s find out.

Quinoa Chips Syn Values

  • A 22g multipack bag contains 106 calories. This means the 22g bag of Quinoa chips is worth 5.3 syns.

This is a similar value to Space Raiders and Scampi Fries.

  • The 80g big bag contains 383 calories. This means the 80g bag of Quinoa Chips is worth 19 syns.

Are they worth it though? These numbers tell you if you can have them or not but not if there’s something better. Is quinoa really much better than a potato? We have the answers, read on to find them.

crisps syn values

Are Eat Real Quinoa chips worth the syns?

Quinoa chips’ ingredients are a lot better than potato based – less fat and carbs overall but still about the same amount of salt. So they ARE better in that regard. In terms of being syn/calorie dense they are average.

But, if you’re a vegan and prefer whole/natural foods there aren’t many options out there. Eat Real’s crisps tend to be the best in this arena.

They have a syns per gram of 0.24 which is decent, culminating in a SynScore of 45%, literally just below average. Their SynRank is 11th out of 32. Better than most but not quite the best.

Eat Real Quinoa Chips Nutrition and Ingredients

quinoa chips nutrition

Quinoa Flour (21%), Maize Flour, Rapeseed Oil, Rice Flour, Sour Cream & Chive Flavour Seasoning [Rice Flour, Onion Powder, Yeast Extract Powder, Salt, Natural Flavouring, Garlic Powder, Sugar, Chives, Acid (Citric Acid)], Maize Starch, Lentil Flour, Pea Flour, Sugar, Salt.

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