How many syns are in Costa Mocha

For many coffee lovers, a mocha offers the perfect harmony of chocolate and coffee flavors. At Costa Coffee, the mocha is a sought-after choice for its creamy, cocoa-infused richness. But it’s essential to be aware of the syns in your cup. While the milk type is often the primary determinant of syn value in coffee drinks, with mochas, the game changes. The additional chocolate content brings along not just flavor but also a significant bump in syns.

Costa Mocha Syn Values

On average, a small (277ml) mocha at Costa, with skimmed (skinny mocha) or coconut milk, contains 7.3 syns, while the same size with whole milk goes up to 10.7 syns. The medium (332ml) version sees a syn range from 9.5 (skimmed & coconut) to 13.35 (whole milk). Lastly, the large (422ml) mocha spans from 11.45 syns (skimmed & coconut) to a hefty 16.05 syns with whole milk.

MilkSyns per mlSmall Syns (277ml)Medium Syns (332ml)Large Syns (422ml)

Is Costa’s Mocha Worth the Syns?

When we talk about the syn value of a coffee, the mocha invariably stands out. For perspective, a large flat white with whole milk is approximately 9.45 syns, a cappuccino is around 9.45 syns, and a latte with the same milk hovers around 10.45 syns. Even the highest syns of these drinks are still lower than a skimmed milk small mocha.

The chocolate in the mocha undeniably drives its syn value up, often surpassing other popular coffee choices. Therefore, if you’re counting syns diligently, it’s worth considering whether the chocolatey delight of a mocha is worth its higher syn count or if other flavorful, lower-syn options might better suit your Slimming World plan for the day.


A mocha from Costa Coffee offers a tempting blend of coffee and chocolate, but it comes with a syn value that’s noticeably higher than other coffee types. Making informed choices based on your syn allowance and personal preferences is key. While the mocha’s rich flavour might be worth it for some, others might find more value in the syn-friendlier coffee options available.

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