How many syns are in Costa Flat White

A flat white, originating from Australia and New Zealand, is a coffee drink that has gained popularity worldwide. It’s crafted with a double shot of espresso and steamed milk, offering a velvety, rich texture. Unlike other coffee types, like lattes or cappuccinos, a flat white boasts a higher coffee-to-milk ratio, resulting in a stronger coffee flavour and less froth and of course, less calories and syns!

Syn Values for Costa’s Flat White

On average, for the various milk options at Costa Coffee, a flat white contains approximately 0.0222 syns per ml. This translates to around 6.67 syns for a 300ml serving.

With most coffee shop beverages, the type of milk used makes a significant difference in syn values. The flat white, which boasts a creamier texture, is no exception. Here are the syn values for different milk options in a 300ml serving (the only size) of Costa’s flat white:

MilkSyns per ml300ml Syns
Skimmed (skinny)0.0164.9
Semi skimmed0.0236.75

Is Costa’s Flat White Worth the Syns?

When weighing up the syn value of a flat white, it’s useful to compare it to other popular coffee beverages like Costa lattes, Mochas and cappuccinos.

A flat white, with its higher coffee concentration, offers a bolder taste with less milk, meaning potential for fewer syns depending on your milk choice. When made with skimmed or coconut milk, a flat white has a syn value comparable to a latte or cappuccino of the same size. However, as you opt for creamier milk choices like whole milk, the syn value of the flat white starts to inch up.

In essence, if you’re looking for a coffee-forward drink with a potential for lower syn values (depending on your milk choice), a flat white might be a better option than a latte or cappuccino. However, it’s essential to remember that it all boils down to personal preference and the particular nutritional or taste profiles you’re after. Balancing the syn value with the enjoyment you get out of your drink is crucial. After all, every sip should be worth it!

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