How many syns are in Corn Flakes

Introducing Cornflakes – the classic, plain, and popular cereal choice that has stood the test of time. Despite its popularity, Cornflakes are not classified as a Healthy Extra B option in the Slimming World plan. However, they remain a preferred choice for many due to their simple, crunchy, and versatile nature. Let’s explore the syn values of Cornflakes and see how they compare to other cereals in terms of nutrition and syns. Whether you enjoy them with milk as a synned treat or opt for other cereal options as a Healthy Extra B, Cornflakes continue to be a favorite breakfast staple for countless cereal lovers. Let’s delve into the details and see if Cornflakes are worth the syns!

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Corn Flakes syn values

Corn Flakes have a syn value of 5.7 per 30g serving, making them 0.19 syns per gram. Remember, this syn value does not include the milk you may use. Enjoy this classic cereal as a crunchy and delicious breakfast option, and consider your syn allowance to decide if it fits within your slimming plan.

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Are Corn Flakes worth the syns?

Deciding whether Corn Flakes are worth the syns can be a bit tricky, as they come with a syn value of 0.19 per gram. A standard 30g serving of Corn Flakes amounts to 5.7 syns, and a larger 45g portion costs 8.5 syns. Although they are not eligible for Healthy Extra B status, Corn Flakes remain a popular choice due to their simplicity and crunchiness.

Comparing Corn Flakes with other similar synned cereals from the table, we find that Bran Flakes, Shredded Wheat, and Weetabix share a slightly lower syn value of 0.18 per gram. However, Corn Flakes still offer a satisfying and classic breakfast experience, especially when paired with your choice of milk and toppings. Ultimately, the decision to spend syns on Corn Flakes depends on your individual preferences and how you manage your syn allowance and Healthy Extra A/B choices.

Corn Flakes ingredients and nutrition

corn flakes nutrition and ingredients

Maize, Barley Malt Extract, Sugar, Salt, Niacin, Iron, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12.

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