How many syns are in Coffee Over Ice

When it’s time to enjoy the cool and refreshing taste of coffee over ice at Costa, the syn values can be a key consideration. With variations in milk types and drink sizes, understanding the syn values becomes essential. In this article, we’ll delve into the syn values of different Costa coffee over ice options, exploring factors that affect their syn content.

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Costa Coffee Over Ice Syn Values

Enjoying your favorite Costa coffee over ice can be a delightful experience, especially on warm days. On average, these icy delights can range from approximately 4.98 to 8.69 syns, factoring in different milk types and drink sizes. However, keep in mind that the exact syn values may differ depending on variables such as drink size and the specific milk you choose.

For simplicity, syn values are calculated based on semi-skimmed milk, which is the default choice at Costa. But here’s where things get interesting: your milk selection can significantly impact the overall syn value. Opting for skimmed, coconut, or soya milk can often lead to lower syn counts, making these alternatives a smart choice for those keeping a close eye on their syn intake.

WholeSkimmed (skinny)Semi SkimmedCoconutSoyaOat
NameSyns per mlSynScoreSmallMediumSmallMediumSmallMediumSmallMediumSmallMediumSmallMedium
Iced Americano0.0031001.
Iced Cappuccino0.016624.25.83.354.653.75.1
Iced Cortado0.016613.852.
Iced Latte0.020507.
Iced Flat White0.020480.
Iced Mocha0.022438.412.
Ice Whipped Choco Latte0.031158.9511.07.859.358.310.057.859.358.5510.358.4510.2
Ice Whipped Caramel Latte0.03487.959.
Ice Whipped Vanilla Latte0.03609.5512.38.811.
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Refer to the SynScore to gauge the relative syn-friendliness of each drink. A lower SynScore translates to a better syn value. It’s worth highlighting that the sizes of the drinks can vary considerably, ranging from 189ml to 489ml. Additionally, certain drinks may only be available in specific sizes.

Are Costa Coffee Over Ice Drinks Worth the Syns?

Now, let’s address the question that’s likely on your mind: Are these coffee over ice creations worth the syns? When you delve into the syn values, it’s clear that certain drinks offer better syn density than others. The choice of milk type plays a pivotal role in influencing the overall syn value. For instance, the Iced Cortado tends to have lower syns across the board, making it a favorable option.

On the other hand, some drinks, like the Iced Mocha or the Ice Whipped Choco Latte, may have higher syns due to their flavor profile and milk content. It’s worth noting that the milk choice with the greatest impact on nutrition is coconut milk, which can result in higher calorie content compared to other milk types.


In the realm of Costa coffee over ice, syn values can vary based on your milk and size preferences. While some choices boast lower syn counts, others might be a bit more indulgent. As with any syn decision, balance and mindfulness are key. By choosing wisely, you can indulge in the cool pleasure of coffee over ice while keeping your syn intake in check.

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