How many syns are in Cider

Welcome to our guide on the syn values in cider. This popular alcoholic beverage, known for its tangy, fruity flavor, is a staple in many fridges and a favorite at barbecues and parties. However, if you’re trying to manage your calorie and syn intake, it’s essential to know how cider fits into your dietary plan. While different brands and types of cider can vary in terms of their calorie and syn content, this guide will give you a general idea of what to expect. Whether you’re a fan of traditional apple cider, pear cider, or flavoured varieties, we’re here to help you make informed choices while still enjoying your favorite drink.

Cider Syn Values

Based on the general syn values, cider contains approximately 0.02 syns per ml, equating to roughly 2.4 syns per 100ml. This means that a small 330ml can of cider would contain about 7.9 syns, a larger 440ml can would contain approximately 10.5 syns, and a pint (568ml) of cider would amount to around 13.2 syns. It’s important to remember that these values can vary depending on the specific brand and type of cider.

NameSyns per mlSyns per 100mlSyns in half pintSyns per 330mlSyns per 440mlSyns per Pint
Old Mout0.0272.77.678.9111.815.34
Frosty Jacks0.0181.7
Strongbow Dark Fruits0.0141.43.984.626.167.95
Stowford Press0.0191.
Carling Black Fruit Cider0.0191.

The syn values for different brands of cider vary slightly but generally fall within the same range. For instance, Magners and Strongbow have the same syn values, with 0.019 syns per ml, equating to roughly 5.4 syns per half pint, 6.27 syns per 330ml can, 8.36 syns per 440ml can, and 10.79 syns per pint.

Old Mout and Thatchers have a slightly higher syn value per ml, at 0.027 and 0.03 respectively. This translates to approximately 8.52 syns per half pint for both, and 17.04 syns per pint for Thatchers.

The highest syn value is for Brothers cider, with 0.033 syns per ml, resulting in around 9.37 syns per half pint, and a hefty 18.74 syns per pint.

Interestingly, Strongbow Dark Fruits and Frosty Jacks have the lowest syn values, with 0.014 and 0.018 syns per ml respectively, meaning a pint of Strongbow Dark Fruits will give you approximately 7.95 syns, while a pint of Frosty Jacks will contain around 10.22 syns.

As you can see, while the differences may seem small, they can add up over time, particularly if you’re enjoying more than one drink. It’s always worth checking the syn values for your particular brand and size of cider to keep on top of your intake.


Is Cider worth the syns?

Considering the syn values of cider in relation to other alcoholic beverages, it falls somewhere in the middle range, making it a moderately syn-friendly choice. A pint of cider typically contains around 13.2 syns, which is less than a pint of Prosecco (17.6 syns), Champagne (21.3 syns), or any type of wine (ranging from 22.7 to 23.8 syns for white, rose, and red respectively).

When compared to spirits, cider is certainly a lower-syn option. For instance, a standard shot of Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Bacardi, or Jack Daniel’s contains between 3.7 to 3.9 syns. However, a typical serving of these spirits is often mixed with other ingredients, which can significantly raise the overall syn count.

On the other hand, both non-alcoholic lager and regular lager have fewer syns per pint, at 8.7 and 9.5 respectively. If you’re looking for a lower-syn alcoholic beverage, these might be preferable options.

However, it’s worth noting that flavour and personal preference also play a significant role in the enjoyment of any beverage. If cider is a drink you particularly enjoy, it might be worth the slightly higher syn count compared to lager. Balancing personal preference with syn considerations can help you maintain a sustainable and enjoyable approach to your dietary choices.

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