How many syns are in BBQ sauce

Barbecue sauce, commonly known as BBQ sauce, is a popular condiment used to enhance the flavour of various grilled and smoked foods. It is typically used as a marinade, basting sauce, or topping for meat cooked in the barbecue style. The flavour profile of BBQ sauce varies depending on the recipe, but it generally combines sweet, tangy, and smoky elements. The primary ingredients usually include tomato puree or ketchup, vinegar, and spices, but there are many variations to cater to different tastes. In this article, we will provide the syn values of BBQ sauce in an easy-to-understand format, helping you make informed decisions about your diet plan.

BBQ Sauce Syn Values

BBQ sauce has 138 calories per 100g, which we use to determine its syn value. With 0.07 syns per gram, BBQ sauce ranks 3rd out of 13 condiments in terms of low syns. To put this into perspective, a 4g teaspoon of BBQ sauce contains 0.28 syns, while a 15g tablespoon has 1.0 syns, and a 20g dipping pot holds 1.4 syns.

These values are for supermarket bought bbq sauce rather than craft recipes.

Comparing BBQ sauce to other condiments, it is worth noting that tomato ketchup, ranked 1st, has a slightly lower syn value of 0.05 syns per gram. Meanwhile, sweet chilli sauce, ranked 4th, has a slightly higher syn value of 0.09 syns per gram. BBQ sauce’s syn rank and syn score indicate that it is a relatively low-syn condiment compared to some other options.

Is it worth the syns?

Considering its syn rank and syn score, BBQ sauce is a fairly good choice among condiments, especially if you enjoy its unique flavour. However, it is essential to consider the nutritional value of BBQ sauce. As with most condiments, BBQ sauce is not a significant source of nutrients but mainly serves as a flavour enhancer.

Tomato ketchup, ranked 1st, has a slightly lower syn value, while sweet chilli sauce, ranked 4th, has a marginally higher syn value. Both options offer different taste profiles, so the choice ultimately depends on your preferences. If BBQ sauce is your favourite condiment, then it is worth including in your diet plan as long as you measure your portions accurately and maintain a balanced diet.

BBQ sauce Ingredients and Nutrition

Tomato Purée, Sugar, Spirit Vinegar, Water, Modified Maize Starch, Caramelised Sugar Syrup, Smoked Dextrose, Salt, Spices, Thickeners (Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum), Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Smoke Flavouring, Flavouring.

The primary ingredients in BBQ sauce include tomato sauce or ketchup, vinegar, and various spices. Tomatoes provide some vitamins and minerals, but the quantities used in the sauce are not enough to offer significant nutritional benefits. Vinegar adds a tangy flavour to the sauce and may have some health benefits due to its acetic acid content. However, these benefits are limited when consumed in small amounts as a condiment. The spices in BBQ sauce add depth to the flavour but do not contribute much nutritionally.

In conclusion, BBQ sauce is mainly a flavour enhancer and does not provide significant nutritional benefits. It is best to consume it in moderation and focus on maintaining a balanced diet with nutrient-dense foods.

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