How many syns are in an Oreo

An Oreo is an American cookie consisting of two wafters and a cream filling. They are unique in their flavour and indeed their design with a trademarked name and trademarked pattern embossed on the face.

They are advertised as “Milk’s favourite cookie” as in to dip with, which made it tricky to get into the UK market at first due to our love of tea.

But, over time the Oreo biscuit (it is a biscuit) embedded itself in the UK biscuit scene and now it is here to stay. But, how good are they? How much syns are they worth and is it worth it when compared to other biscuits? Let’s find out.

Oreo biscuit syn value

A single, regular vanilla Oreo biscuit weighs 11 grams and contains 52 calories. This means that a single Oreo biscuit is worth 2.6 syns and the syns to gram ration is 0.24. The 2.6 syns each puts it between the Digestive and a Shortcake. The 0.24 syns per gram ration puts it in line with a Jammie Dodger, a Oat Hobnob and a Malted Milk.

How many syns are there in a pack of Oreo biscuits?

A typical pack of Oreo biscuits contains 14 cookies. 14 x 2.6 is 36.4 syns.

Are Oreos worth the syns?

oreo nutrition

Oreos syns per biscuit is quite high as is their syns per gram, this places it in no man’s land where there are definitely better choices out there but also worse ones. However, with their distinct flavour and texture they have a clear edge over rivals with a blander taste when you really want to snack. If you’re looking for something to dunk tea in then this isn’t brill, but if you just want a quick snack it’s a decent choice.

Ingredients contain palm oil, sugar, wheat, and syrup so don’t expect a health boost.

Oreo Biscuit Ingredients List

Wheat Flour, Sugar, Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder 4,5 %, Wheat Starch, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Raising Agents (Potassium Carbonates, Ammonium Carbonates, Sodium Carbonates), Salt, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, Sunflower Lecithin), Flavouring.

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