How many syns are in a Special K Biscuit Moment

Special K are known for their healthy low fat foods and aimed towards those on diets. Their Biscuit Moments bar is in our eyes a cereal bar due to their size but technically they are biscuits due to their base and core ingredients.

They are a crispy biscuit with a strawberry filling and vanilla topping drizzle on.

Special K Biscuit Moment Syns

A single bar of Special K Biscuit Moments is 25g and has 98 calories. This means that a Special K Biscuit Moment is worth 4.9 syns and a syns per gram of 0.20.

The interesting takeaway here is that when compared to other biscuits, they are heavy at 25g, and 4.9 syns is a lot. It’s comparable to a single chocolate hobnob. However, any 0.20 syns per gram it makes it one of the lowest and most efficient use of syns in the biscuit list, comparable to a Jaffa Cake or Garibaldi.

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How many syns are in a pack of Special K Biscuit Moments?

There are 5 in a pack so it is 24.5 syns.

Are Special K Biscuit Moments worth the syns?

Biscuit Moments are light (for a biscuit) with a reasonable amount of fat, carbs and sugar. But, they are not healthy. However, as we’ve always said – if you want a biscuit treat then look at the syns per gram. Biscuit Moments has a low syns per gram ratio and you’ll get a lot of biscuit for your sacrifice here.

Special K Biscuit Moments Ingredients

special k biscuit moments nutrition

WHEAT Flour , Strawberry Flavoured Filling (33%) (Fructose, Humectant {Glycerol}, Glucose Syrup, Dextrose, Strawberry Puree Concentrate {1.5%}, Palm Oil, Gelling Agent {Pectin}, Citric Acid, Emulsifiers {SOY Lecithin, E471}, Colours {Anthocyanin, Paprika}, Flavouring, Acidity Regulators {Trisodium Citrate}, Malic Acid, Firming Agent {Tricalcium Citrate}) , Sugar, Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Palm Kernel, Palm Coconut) in varying proportions , Maltodextrin, Modified Starch , Skimmed MILK Powder , MILK Whey Powder , Invert Sugar Syrup , Emulsifiers (SOY Lecithin, E472e), Raising Agents (E500, E450, E341), Salt , Calcium Carbonate, Flavouring.

This is a long list for something so small.

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