How many syns are in a Pink Wafer

Pink Wafers are a pink coloured wafer with a vanilla cream filling, perfect for a quick and tasty snack. There are many brands which manufacture these such as the more iconic Pink Panther (the example we’ve used) to Hill’s Biscuits.

They are known to be light and easy with a great vanilla taste and a different texture to them than most biscuits we’ve covered.

But, how many syns are in one and are they worth the sacrifice? Let’s find out.

Pink Panther Pink Wafer Syns

Pink Wafers weigh 7.7 grams and contain 41 calories. This means a single Pink Wafter is worth 2.1 syns and 0.27 syns per gram. This puts it in line with a Nice and Garibaldi. Which would you prefer?

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How many syns are in a pack of Pink Wafers?

A pack contains 24 wafers, a single wafer is 2.1 syns therefore a pack of Pink Wafers is worth 50.4 syns. This is useful if you plan your syns over weeks and months and not just days.

Are Pink Wafers worth the syns?

A Pink Wafer appears to be light but it has a high syns per gram ratio (0.27) which means you don’t get a lot of biscuit for your efforts. This is because they’re tightly packed and contain nothing but carbs. But, they are one of the tastiest biscuits out there and the “better” biscuits have a very bland taste.

If you love Pink Wafers though, what does it matter what we think?

Pink Wafers Typical Ingredients

Wheat Flour, Palm Oil, Sugar, Wheat Starch, Whey Powder (Milk), Potato Starch, Skimmed Milk Powder, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithins, Vegetable Concentrate (Red Beetroot), Rapeseed Oil, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Red Radish Powder, Salt, Raising Agent: Sodium Carbonates.

Not vegan and full of sugar. Tasty though.

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