How many syns are in a Freddo

Freddo’s are one of the most popular chocolates in the UK and one who’s price is never far from the news as a sign of how things keep getting more expensive. They’re cheap, relatively small and handy for quick snacks, lunchboxes and even dunking in a brew if you’re into that sort of thing.

They are made with Cadbury milk chocolate and therefore taste quite similar to their bars, hence why they are so popular with such a low price.

But, even though it’s small are they low on syns? And what are their syns per gram compared to other chocolates? Here we find out if Freddo’s are worth the syns, what other chocolates are comparable or perhaps better.

Let’s go!

Freddo Syn Values

A single Freddo weighs 18 grams and contains 95 calories. This means that a Freddo chocolate bar is worth 4.8 syns and has a ratio of 0.26 syns per gram. As a single chocolate bar it has one the lowest syns along with a Curly Wurly. It’s syns per gram is the same as a Toberlone, Galaxy Ripple and a Flake.

The humble Freddo has a SynScore of 39/100 when compared with 33 other chocolate bars. Click on the banner below to see what this means.

chocolare syn list

Are Freddo bars worth the syns?

freddo nutrition

Freddo’s are ideal because they are low in syns per bar, so you can have one and then have another thing like crisps or a biscuit. However, their syns per grams are about average so you’re not getting the best deal for your cost.

Freddo’s are of course milk chocolate which provides to nutrients and just sugars and fats – but we already knew that and it is the whole point of the syn system in the first place!

Freddo Ingredients

Milk, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, vegetable fats (palm, shea), emulsifiers (E442, E476), flavourings.

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