How many syns are in a Boost

A Boost’s USP is its flavour rather than just a shot of chocolate. Its taste is quite rich with a softish chew. The inside is crushed peanut and caramel which is then wrapped in Cadbury chocolate. This bar succeeds in tasting like all three at the same time.

It’s packed with flavour which means its packed with calories – perhaps alluding to why it’s called Boost (energy). Interestingly it was the most popular chocolate bar for workers during the 2012 London Olympics.

Consider its packed with flavour how does the Boost compare with its competitors in terms of syns? Does it have more or less than the others and which ones might be better? Let’s find out.

Boost Syn Values

A Boost weighs 48.5 grams and contains 250 calories. This means a single bar of Boost is worth 12.5 syns at a ratio of 0.26 syns per gram. 12.5 syns is the same as a Double Decker, Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut and a Starbar, the latter being very similar to it.

How does this compare to the whole list and is the Boost WORTH the syns? Read on to find out.

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Is a Boost worth the syns?

boost nutrition

A Boost bar is particularly unhealthy with it being 46% of your recommended saturates in a day and high 20s for fat and sugars. That being said, it is designed to be eaten in moderation and if you have the syns to spend in a day then why not?

On a syn per gram ratio the Boost has 0.26 which is quite high and the same as a Snickers, Toblerone, and a Toffee Crisp. There are chocolate bars with much better rations in our list.

Lastly, the SynScore for a Boost is 52% which is average, there are definitely worst ones out there but there are more better ones. The SynScore 0-100 means how efficient is the bar at reducing the number of syns you spend per gram of food.

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