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In the world of balanced and nutritious diets, understanding and integrating the right mix of essential food components is vital. Among these, the Slimming World’s Healthy Extra A (Hex-A) plays an indispensable role. This concept focuses primarily on calcium-rich foods and drinks that can be integrated seamlessly into our daily meals.

But what exactly is Healthy Extra A, and how does it contribute to your overall well-being? In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into the importance of Hex-A in your diet, offer practical tips for incorporating it into your meals, and, of course, provide an exhaustive Healthy Extra A List to assist you on your journey towards optimal health. So, whether you’re new to the Slimming World diet or a seasoned follower seeking more insights, this article is designed to enlighten and guide you. Let’s embark on this nutritious journey together!

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Understanding Healthy Extra A

Starting a new diet can be daunting, especially when it’s brimming with unfamiliar terminology. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this guide, we will walk you through one of the key aspects of Slimming World’s diet plan – the Healthy Extra A, or Hex-A. This crucial component is a powerful tool in your weight loss journey, providing you with the necessary calcium your body needs to function at its best.

What is Healthy Extra A?

Slimming World’s diet plan classifies certain food items as ‘Healthy Extra A’ or ‘Hex-A’. These items are primarily sources of calcium, an essential nutrient that helps build bones, regulate muscle contractions, and ensure normal clotting of blood. While you can find numerous Hex-A options in dairy products, alternatives are also available for those who don’t enjoy or can’t have dairy.

Why is Healthy Extra A Important in Our Diet?

Healthy Extra A items should be an integral part of your diet, not only because they are beneficial for your overall health, but also because they support weight loss. Consuming the right amounts of these foods can help suppress hunger, maintain bone health, and ensure a well-rounded, balanced diet.

The Role of Calcium in Our Body

Calcium is a vital nutrient that plays several roles in our body. It aids in building strong bones and teeth, regulating muscle contractions, and ensuring blood clots normally. A diet rich in calcium can also help prevent certain diseases like osteoporosis. But how do we get this crucial nutrient? That’s where Healthy Extra A comes into play.

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How Many Healthy Extra A Should I Be Eating?

The Slimming World diet plan recommends two Healthy Extra A portions per day. However, the portion sizes can vary depending on the specific food item. In the following sections, we’ll delve into a comprehensive list of Healthy Extra A options and their corresponding portion sizes to help you get the right amount of calcium in your diet.

In the following sections of this guide, we’ll take a deeper dive into the specifics of Healthy Extra A, exploring a wide range of options to add to your diet, practical tips to incorporate them, and alternatives for those who don’t consume dairy. Keep reading to discover how to make the most of your Slimming World journey with Healthy Extra A.

Incorporating Healthy Extra A in Your Diet

Understanding the concept of Healthy Extra A and its importance is only half the battle. The real challenge lies in incorporating these into your daily meals and snacks. But don’t fret – whether you’re a coffee aficionado, a cheese connoisseur, or a porridge lover, there are numerous ways to include Healthy Extra A items into your diet.

H3: Practical Tips to Include Healthy Extra A in Your Diet

Here are a few tips to help you seamlessly weave Healthy Extra A into your everyday meals:

  • Sprinkle your preferred choice of cheese over meals like bolognese, chilli, and pasta. This not only enhances the flavor but also ensures you get your daily dose of calcium.
  • If you’re not a big fan of dairy, opt for full-fat cheeses. They are rich in calcium, and you need to consume less compared to lower fat options.
  • Avid tea and coffee drinkers can rejoice. These beverages are perfect for incorporating milk – another Healthy Extra A – into your diet.
  • Swap your regular snacks with Babybel or cheese triangles. They are a healthier alternative and help you meet your daily Healthy Extra A requirements.
  • Make porridge your go-to breakfast option. It requires more milk than standard cereal, making it an excellent way to incorporate Healthy Extra A into your diet.
  • For a quick lunch fix, mix a handful of cooked pasta with spinach, ham, and a cheese triangle – another delightful way to incorporate cheese into your meal.
  • Treat yourself with a hot chocolate made entirely with milk instead of water. Opt for an Options sachet for a healthier choice.
  • Explore and try out Healthy Extra A recipes. They are not just delicious but also fulfill your daily calcium needs.

The Comprehensive Healthy Extra A List

To help you better incorporate Healthy Extra A into your diet, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of both dairy and non-dairy options. Each item in this list is rich in calcium, ensuring you meet your daily needs.

Dairy Options for Healthy Extra A

Remember, the key to a successful and healthy diet is balance and moderation. While this list offers a variety of options, it’s crucial to maintain a diverse diet and not solely rely on these items for your calcium intake.

  • Whole cow’s Milk (200ml)
  • Skimmed cow’s Milk (350ml)
  • Semi-skimmed cow’s milk (250ml)
  • Whole goats milk (200ml)
  • Skimmed goats milk (400ml)
  • 1% fat cow’s milk (300ml)
  • Semi-skimmed goats milk (275ml)
  • Channel Island/Jersey full cream milk (150ml)
  • UHT Whole Milk (200ml)
  • UHT Semi Skimmed Milk (250ml)
  • Cheddar standard (30g)
  • Cheddar reduced fat/light (40g)
  • Gouda (30g)
  • Ricotta (90g)
  • Edam Cheese (35g)
  • Smoked Cheddar Cheese Block (30g)
  • Halloumi standard (35g)
  • Reduced fat Halloumi (45g)
  • Manchego (25g)
  • Mozzarella (50g)
  • Reduced Fat Mozzarella (70g)
  • Paneer (40g)
  • Parmesan / Parmigiano Reggiano (30g)
  • Goat cheese (30g)
  • Smoked processed cheese Austrian/Bavarian (40g)
  • Feta/Greek-style salad cheese reduced fat/light (65g)
  • Babybel Original (2 x 20g)
  • Cheese triangles, regular/light (2 x 25g)

Non-Dairy Options for Healthy Extra A

For those who prefer non-dairy options, here are several plant-based and non-dairy products that are rich in calcium:

  1. Almond Milk, Unsweetened (400ml)
  2. Soya milk, unsweetened (400ml)
  3. Sweetened soya milk (250ml)
  4. Coconut Drink with Calcium, Unsweetened (400ml)
  5. Whole Oat Drink, chilled (200ml)
  6. Skinny Oat Drink, chilled (350ml)
  7. Semi Skimmed Oat Drink, chilled (275ml)
  8. Rice Milk (225ml)
  9. Tofu (firm, calcium-set, 120g)
  10. Chia Seeds (3 tbsp)
  11. Dried Figs (5 medium figs)
  12. White Beans (cooked, 150g)
  13. Sunflower Seeds (25g)
  14. Sesame Seeds (25g)
  15. Kale (cooked, 60g)

The Health Implications of Healthy Extra A Choices

In Slimming World’s eating plan, the Healthy Extra A list is designed to ensure you get enough calcium in your daily diet. However, you might be questioning the healthiness of consuming items such as cheese daily. It’s a valid concern. Let’s break it down.

Is It Healthy to Eat Cheese Daily?

Cheese is a good source of calcium and protein, both of which are essential for bodily functions. However, many types of cheese are high in saturated fats and calories. Consuming large amounts daily without balancing it with other food groups or physical activity may lead to unhealthy weight gain.

So, should you eat cheese every day? The answer is yes, but in moderation, and it’s advisable to opt for healthier choices when possible. Reduced-fat or light cheese, for instance, contains fewer calories and may be a better option for those following a weight management program.

Syn Values and Healthy Extra A

Slimming World Syns Diary
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In the Slimming World diet, ‘syns‘ are used to signify the calorific content of foods. As a rule of thumb, 20 calories equal 1 syn. So, if you were to consume 40g of Cheddar cheese (around 160 calories), it would equate to 8 syns. Given that the daily allowance is around 15-20 syns, using nearly half of it on cheese might not be the most balanced choice.

The principle behind Healthy Extra A is not to encourage overconsumption of high-fat foods but to ensure you get a balanced intake of essential nutrients like calcium. Although the plan allows for two Healthy Extra A options a day, it doesn’t mean you should always have two. It’s about flexibility and balance.

The syns system isn’t perfect and neither are Free Foods, but they are a starting point.

The Healthiest Choices on the List

Looking at the dairy options, reduced-fat cheeses, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk are the healthier options due to their lower calorie and fat content.

For the non-dairy options, choices such as almond milk, unsweetened coconut drink, or sesame seeds would be among the healthier choices, given their nutrient profiles and lower syn values.

Remember, variety is also key to a balanced diet. Trying different options from the list can help you ensure a range of nutrients while keeping your diet interesting.

FAQs on Healthy Extra A

In Slimming World’s eating plan, the Healthy Extra A list is designed to ensure you get enough calcium in your daily diet. However, you might be questioning the healthiness of consuming items such as cheese daily. It’s a valid concern. Let’s break it down.

Do I Really Have to Eat Healthy Extra A?

Yes, the Healthy Extra A portion is an integral part of the Slimming World plan. It ensures you get the required calcium in your diet, which is crucial for bone health and various bodily functions.

What If I Don’t Enjoy Dairy Products?

There are non-dairy options on the Healthy Extra A list, such as almond milk, unsweetened coconut drink, or sesame seeds. You can also explore calcium-rich foods like chia seeds, kale, tofu, and broccoli.

Can I Have More Than Two Healthy Extra A Portions Per Day?

Slimming World allows for two Healthy Extra A portions per day, but it’s not always necessary to have both. It’s about balancing your intake with other food groups, not overconsumption.

Are There Any Risks to Consuming Too Much Healthy Extra A?

Too much of Healthy Extra A, especially high-fat options, may contribute to excess calorie intake and potential weight gain. It can also lead to an imbalanced diet if it crowds out other essential food groups.


Navigating a diet plan can sometimes be challenging, but understanding each element’s role and purpose makes the journey easier. Healthy Extra A and Healthy Extra B options in the Slimming World plan are not just arbitrary foods to tick off your list each day. They’re integral to providing your body with vital calcium, supporting various functions such as bone health, muscle contractions, and blood clotting.

That said, the choices you make within the Healthy Extra A options can also influence your overall diet’s health and balance. Options range from whole milk to seeds, each carrying different nutritional profiles. Therefore, it’s important to remember that while Slimming World allows two Healthy Extra A portions daily, this isn’t a rigid requirement but a maximum limit. The key lies in variety, balance, and listening to your body’s needs.

Some people might find it challenging to incorporate these options into their daily meals, particularly if they’re not fond of dairy products. Yet, the variety of both dairy and non-dairy options available ensures that there is something for everyone. Whether you choose to sprinkle some cheese over your meal, enjoy a Babybel as a snack, or add almond milk to your morning porridge, the possibilities are abundant.

So, while following the Slimming World plan, remember to make the Healthy Extra A options work for you. Pick the ones that you enjoy, align with your dietary preferences, and contribute to a balanced and diverse diet. That way, you’ll not only be adhering to your diet plan but also ensuring your body gets the nutrients it needs while enjoying your meals. And in the end, isn’t that what a truly healthy diet is all about?

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