About Us

Hello everyone and welcome to SimpleSyns, the website that tells you how many syns are in something, whether or not it’s worth the syns and which alternatives might be better.

We also provide a free to use syn calculator.

Think of us as your personal nutritionist specialising in just one thing – syn management. Syns might have their flaws in their use, but plenty of people can still use them effectively. We try and achieve just that.

We are a team of people who combine the studies into nutrition with simple mathematics, hence the name SimpleSyns. We’re obsessed over here about unearthing the information about every popular item of food because we think too many dieting websites, recipe websites and magazines have missed the golden opportunities when it comes to utilising your syns.

What does ‘Syn’ mean?

Syn stands for score your nutrition or sort your nutrition or maybe see your numbers? It could be anything, but it’s the end result of the numbers we put it in to help normalise and standardise items of food which are unequal.

But seriously, in basic terms 1 syn is 20 calories. By dividing the calories by 20 it makes the number easier to digest.

Where do we get out data from?

We get our calorie, nutrition and weight data directly from the manufacturers OR an official supplier of that item. The rest of the data and formulas are just from us.

Making sense of it all

We know people are confused about how many syns are in something, especially when they compare it to a similar item that is different in weight or calorie count. If two things are 5 syns each are they the same? No!

So, we mixed our experience with nutrition with numbers to make sense of it all and to give you the full breakdown of each item and how they compare directly in more than one way to their counterparts with syns per gram and our exclusive metric the SynScore.

Our mission

Our mission is that readers leave the website with a better grasp of how to maximise their ‘syn allowance’ through efficient use of the numbers available. If you have 15 syns to spend in a day we will help you get the most amount out of them.

We give you the syns, simple.

What we don’t do

We do not offer any dieting or nutritional advice on how to lose weight. We’ll leave that kind of stuff to the professionals. We simply work and interpret the data available in an easy to consume way.